NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 4]


We’ve already given away 3 Android devices in our blowout contest, each rocking an NVIDIA dual-core processor, and this week is no different. But at the same time this week is VERY different. Take a blazing fast 1GHz dual-core Android Tablet, give it a keyboard accessory that virtually morphs it into an Android Laptop, put it in a box and ship to the winner and whaddaya got?

The ASUS EEE Pad Transformer. TegraZone on the Transformer? Yes please.

If you’re unfamiliar with TegraZone you should get acquainted, but you’ll need an NVIDIA powered Android Device as NVIDIA only offers the app for devices with their processors – it’s a VIP pass of sorts. It’ll give you access to some awesome games – some of which are ONLY available on TegraZone and ALL of which are optimized for the Tegra Dual-core experience, ensuring smoothly rendered animations, crystal clear graphics, lightning fast performance, improved battery life and more.

The Transformer itself is one of the more interesting hybrid Android devices and has (rightfully) received a ton of fanfare. In addition to rocking the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, the Transformer runs Android 3.2, has 10.1-inch screen, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, HDMI-out, MicroSD Slot, 2 USB ports, 2 3.5mm headset jacks and packs a whole lot of Android awesomeness.

Want to win it? Read on!

This week we’re giving away the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer!


  • The first person to find the secret phrase and post it in the comments of this article will win
  • The secret phrase is written on an image hidden in on only one page of Phandroid
  • What does the secret image look like? You’ll know it when you see it… it’s a picture of an Android Device with the word “Winner!” written in bright red with the secret phrase below it
  • Where is the image hidden? You’ve got to sift through the site to find it! If nobody wins today, we’ll post an article tomorrow with a hint, and continue to post a hint every day until someone finds and posts the secret phrase.

Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you… otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

Will be notified by E-Mail within 24 hours of identifying/posting the secret phrase

On Monday, August 9th we’ll be giving away one of the remaining Dual-Core Android Beasts. Which one? How can you win? Those questions will go unanswered until the 9th rolls around. For now, get searching for the hidden image and secret phrase!

Also… NVIDIA has promised to sweeten the pot with bonus prizes and maybe even more giveaways if we help them gain Twitter followers and Facebook Likers!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. First?

  2. First?

  3. Tegra Zone is fun on my Transformer… I hope who ever wins enjoys the device as much as I do…

    “Android 2 the Core” was a good phrase… Keep up the great work.

    1. That’s strange, this comment didn’t show up for me until way after Son Nguyen’s comment, was it an issue of approval/sign up, or does disqus’ time reporting have holes? Either way, congrats to one of you two guys!

  4. Android 2 The Core
    (email: [email protected])

    1. Can you post the page so we know if you actually won and we can quit searching.

      1. That’s not against the rule is it?

        1. In theory it isn’t.
          The comment section has your comment logged first, so reposting it is useless.
          We just want to know if we can stop wasting our time.

          1. I agree, I have been clicking random pages getting nowhere fast. Trying Google Image Search, Bing Image search, etc…

          2. Its here at the bottom. looks like some one already won Because it is Android 2 The Core.

            I found it but i was a little too late. :/

          3. Yeah, he did, I found it too, but it’s too late, just in case he can’t win though, it’s “Secret Phrase: Android 2 the Core”

            Here’s a hint, the sitemap at the bottom of the page sorts the pages on the site by date updated

          4. How does that help when the site map shows the page it’s located on as having been last updated on 5/26/2011?

          5. @Rob (Since I can’t reply directly to your comment)

            It looks like they reverted it, because it definitely showed up as updated today, that’s how I found it, I just started by opening everything in order of most recently updated in tabs, and it was the 2nd or 3rd page. I didn’t think to grab a screenshot, though, so I have no proof, other than posting the link to the image later down the comments

          6. @Draxlith

            I went to the site map pretty quickly too but didn’t see that page as recently updated. I was specifically looking for recently updated pages with old dates in the URL but I must have been too late.

  5. I haven’t found it, but you need to update the Photon 4G to “Available” instead of “Upcoming”.

    1. Oh, also, there are some funky characters on the G1’s page:

  6. Partly Sunny

  7. Must be this:
    “2 USB ports, 2 3.5mm headset jacks”
    Because it actually has 1 headphone jack and zero USB ports.

  8. Android 2 the Core

  9. On the off chance that I need to post it here and there’s a runner up prize: “Android 2 the Core” –

    1. also, it’s linked but in case you can’t see it – jdbridges[at]

  10. Android 2 the Core. Love the Transformer!

  11. Android 2 The Core

  12. Secret Phase: Android 2 the Core

  13. Android 2 the core!

  14. Yep. The sitemap was key. Congrats.


    1. android 2 the core… I won!!!!!!!

  16. Android 2 the core

  17. Android 2 the core. Probably not first but eh

  18. So is the contest over already?

    1. Yes definitely, it was over 48 minutes ago.

  19. Android 2 the core! Oh wait… sob… Should’ve woken earlier today…

  20. what a dumb ass contest…You should of at least made it longer not the first person that wakes up will win

    1. i agree.

  21. Lame. All this contest did was allow the east coast guys or other parts of the world hours ahead of the west coat people who dont use a PC til 8-9am. Stupid!

    1. UMADBRO?
      lol jk
      I mean what ever…I didn’t have one before and I still don’t now. If you don’t wake up early it your fault

      1. No, Im Jelly! But also this is pretty stupid none-the-less. All well, lucky for the first guy who responded!

      2. Oh PLEASE explain how it is our fault for not being awake for this contest? I work third shift, so I most certainly wasn’t awake. It isn’t a fair contest because not everyone has a fair chance of winning.

  22. “Android 2 the core”

  23. Android 2 the Core
    ust in case there are runner up prizes :D

  24. Well that was hardly a contest… If you happened to be online when this was posted, it wasn’t hard to check which pages were updated recently.

  25. ahh dangit… “Android 2 the Core”

    I found it via sitemap immediately as well and then saw everybody has already figured it out… I wish you guys had posted a day warning or something because this turned into a first come first serve

  26. The image is on page

    The secret phrase is Android 2 the core

  27. I find it frustrating that they don’t post who the winner is, or at least some indication about the winner. I feel that it can ‘luckily’ go to the staff.

    I’m also upset that they didn’t play fair for the best coast, at least post it at 12 EST!

  28. Secret Phrase: Android 2 the core

  29. One second thought, I call Shenanigans about this whole contest. The reason its flawed is because everyone went straight for the updated listings and looked there instead of scouring the website like you were supposed to do.


    1. I was the first one to find the image. I didn’t look for the update listing.

      1. well good for you, and finally we get to see who the winner is.

  30. sooo android 2 the core… i win i win? thanks guys, but im thinkin you should stick to the random pick of a comment apposed to this, even though it is fun. how about a contest where u pick a number between 1-10,000 and see who is closest, to the decimal point

  31. Android 2 the Core

  32. well this was quite the let down…..for what it’s worth

    Android 2 the core

  33. Android 2 the Core.

    The winner should be a random pick instead of first. ;xxx

  34. Android 2 the Core, lol this was an interesting contest I guess. Also funny that the guy who won already has a transformer. More power to him though. Congrats.

  35. Android 2 The Core i guess were all late LOL

  36. android 2 the core

  37. Not that it matters now but the Secret Phaseis “Android 2 the Core”

  38. Winning this would make my week :)

    Android 2 the Core

  39. Sign me up

  40. Android 2 the core

    I win. Perfect grammar. Just the way you did it. A is capitalized. No period. C is lowercase.


    1. Didnt put what was written above that, it read exactly:

      Secret Phrase: Android to the core”

  41. “Android 2 the core”…

  42. Yay Robots.

  43. Wasn’t this going to be on monday? I waited all day monday for a post and the day it matters it comes out on tuesday… Thus is life

  44. Secret phrase: Android 2 the core

  45. Winning the transformer would really help me out in terms of school! I would seriously use it for schoolwork!!!!!

    Also whoa been noticing a lot of spelling errors on the articles lately? You guys sipping on some good stuff?

  46. Shame on this contest! I normally have great enthusiasm for your contests…what were you thinking here? It wasn’t a contest…just a reward for the early bird. I think we your loyal followers should have another chance at a Transformer Giveaway…one that is fair for all!

  47. Android 2 the Core….but I’m guessing this is over.

  48. “WINNER
    Secret Phrase: Android 2 the core”

    Noone else posted all of what the picture said with correct capitalization

  49. IT

  50. Find the secret phase contests are stupid. I work 3rd shift so I don’t even have a chance to win. Phail contest.

  51. Android 2 the core

  52. Android 2 the core

  53. So who won? I was the first one to post the secret phrase but i didn’t get any email.

  54. Android 2 the core

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