New Android Trojan Discovered to Record Phone Calls


We’ve seen quite a few Android trojans over the past few months that have done everything from mine your data to remotely accessing features of your handset, but the latest one to rear its ugly head has a new trick of its own. This one not only logs your call data, but it records entire conversations. The .AMR files are stored locally on your phones external storage, but a configuration file installed by the malware gives remote server access to the bad guys, allowing them to retrieve the recordings from your phone’s microSD card.

You will know the trojan by the excessive number of permissions it requests. If you find yourself installing an application that asks for permission to record calls you probably want to think twice before placing the potential malware on your handset.

[via ZDNet]

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  1. any apps in particular this is associated with?

  2. Wow, News Corp. is getting pretty advanced with this stuff ;)

  3. Fox News App

  4. Funny a trojan can do this but you can’t find an app that can.

    1. CallRecorder (ROOT ONLY) records all incoming and outgoing calls on my rooted Thunderbolt.

  5. Exactly Billy_Joe_Bob….the times I wished I could record a call, just to have some evidence that I called a certain company when they claim they have no record of my call…….>.<

    Before it records it could even tell the person on the other side that the conversation will be recorded for their information.

  6. sounds like Goerge W. Bush and Dick Cheney are back at it again, hahaha.

  7. no api to record calls, how did they do it without root?!

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