Hoping to Improve Tablet App Selection, Android Developer Labs 2011 Announced


Ever since the release of the tablet-centric Android Honeycomb, the platform has been taking flack for a lack of proper apps designed with the larger form factor in mind. With a newly announced series of developer sessions, the Android Team hopes to improve the body of software available for tablets and, in doing so, dispense with the criticism.

The Android Developer Labs 2011 kick off today in Bangalore and continue through the summer with sessions in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles. The one day seminars are limited in space, so those wishing to attend must pass a two-step application process. After registering, a developer’s current offerings in the Android Market are assessed for their potential to be crafted into great tablet experiences. Once in, developers will be treated to sessions “aimed at optimizing Android apps for tablets, in particular creating high-quality tablet apps with an emphasis on polish and user-experience.”

Interested developers can head over to the source link below for more information on dates, locations, and the registrations process.

[via Android Developers Blog]

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  1. This sounds promising…

  2. Here’s hoping devs really take advantage of these.

    1. I have issues with very few phone apps on my Xoom but some optimisation will not go amiss.

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