Aug 2nd, 2011

Wanting to root your brand new Motorola Photon 4G? It didn’t take long for its root method to come about, but it’s perhaps one of the most unorthodox methods we’ve seen. You’ll need an expensive $100 HD Station (an HD multimedia dock), an HDMI cable (should have come with the dock) and a TV with an open HDMI port.

You’ll also need a WiFi connection and an internet link to your phone. SSHDroid is another piece of the puzzle needed to get root going. Yea, this isn’t quite as simple as a lot of other root methods have been but it’s something. And if you are good at following instructions, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

This is said to be permanent so the trouble will be worth it before a better method or a different exploit (or a less-expensive exploit) is found. If you want to take your chances, full instructions can be had at XDA (we prefer to link there in case the instructions end up being revised). Get to it! [XDA, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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