Another Daily Deal, This Time for a $180 NOOK Color


Android is getting a lot of love on these deal-a-day sites, lately. First it was a a Nexus S for just $350 from DailySteals, and now 1saleaday is offering the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color for $180, normally $250. This is still one of the most compelling Android devices out. While it may not be a dual-core Honeycomb-running beast, it’s a steal even at $250 for a device that is quite capable of many things.

After getting root, the NOOK Color became one of the most popular cheap Android tablets. And even if you’re just in it for the books, browsing and other basic apps and games, it isn’t too shabby. Take a chance if you want. Free shipping, too. [Thanks Michael!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. refurbished. No thanks.

    1. Yes, it’s refurbished–which generally means it’s a clean return (a truly defective device is too expensive to actually refurbished). That said, this refurbished nook comes with the same one year warranty as a new nook color. I would take the $75.00 I would save by getting a refurb and put it in my pocket or use it to buy a nook2droid card on amazon.

      1. why the hell would you buy nook2droid? it’s an sd card with a free img flashed on it. You can do this in 5 minutes yourself.

    2. Barnes & Noble sells it refurbished for $199 + tax on eBay. $179 shipped is cheapest I have seen. It even looks brand-new when I got mine from B&N eBay.

  2. This thing come with Honeycomb or what? o_O

    1. you can run honeycomb on it but i wouldnt advise it. it kind of sucks with honeycomb. but cm7 with vtl launcher makes it better than honeycomb ui

      1. Chris: no. It comes with its own Android 2.2-based Barnes & Noble ROM.

        I agree that Honeycomb stinks on the Nook Color (at least in its current form.) Honeycomb sucks on the Xoom too.

        I also run CyanogenMod 7.03 on the NC, but am using the built-in ADW Launcher. I like LauncherPro on my phone, but it doesn’t work right as a tablet form factor.

        What’s VTL?

  3. Does it work with honeycomb?

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