Samsung Nexus S $350 for One Day Only


The Samsung Nexus S is still a great phone despite what we believe to be a multi-core followup on its way soon. If you were ever in the market for one, now may be another great opportunity to jump on int as DailySteals has it for just $350 unlocked. It’s compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network in case carrier compatibility is important to you. If you’re in for one, head over there and get started now. Only 15 hours to take advantage of this one as of the time of this posting. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet deal. Now does anyone know how to get the white back cover for the Nexus S???

  2. its a i9020T therefore its for T-Mobile if it was i9020a it would’ve been for AT&T

  3. They are cleaning out before the galaxy II for USA is announced this week.

  4. love the “a crazed man ran into the room, screaming” story off the link!

  5. PSH! That is so damned expensive. Paid $75 for my OG Galaxy S.

    1. on contract, sure.

      This is totally unlocked, off contract. I haven’t signed a contract since my first G1 and don’t plan to ever go back. You could save some good money.

  6. DailySteals seems to have a bad reputation. There were waaaay too many negative comments on Phandroid’s post about DailySteals and their Nexus One sale several months ago.

    Do some research before you go and purchase a Nexus S (or anything for that matter) from DailySteals. Beware of fake reviews that give them a perfect rating…

  7. well, after 4 tries ( I mean I tried every form of payment) it always came back with an error. So screw it :)

  8. Daily Steals can be a pain. Ordered a Jawbone (reburbed) for the wifey from them. Didn’t work, RMA’ed it back to them. Claimed they hadn’t received it except I sent it back Priority Mail w/Delivery confirmation. Caught them with their pants down. They immediately refunded 100% of my original cost.

    On a different note, Nexus S being offered for free at BB right now with contract. If that’s so, what would the ETF be if you just cancelled the contract after you got it for ZERO?

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