Motorola Pax Coming to Sprint – Dual-Core Super Charged XPRT?


The guys at This Is My Next just received some clear shots of the Motorola Pax coming soon to a Sprint store near you. We last saw this handset back when PopHerald leaked some blurry pics of the then unnamed device and it was immediately dismissed as just another entry level, wannabe BlackBerry type device from Motorola. What was puzzling is that Motorola already released an entry level-ish BB device for Sprint (the XPRT) so why would they give it another go?

Well, apparently this candy bar qwerty will be housing a dual-core processor, giving it arguably a little too much power for such a little nugget of a smartphone. This guy looks like it has somewhere around a 3.5-inch display and unless it’s 800×480 resolution, I can’t fathom why a dual-core would be necessary. But those kids, they love their dual-cores.

The profile shots of the device show Motorola’s familiar tapered styling (starts of thick, and thins out near the bottom). No info was given on pricing or availability although it was mentioned it would come with Sprint’s direct connect “push-to-talk.” I’m guessing it will have 1-up the XPRT in a few other areas like 4G WiMax and camera MP. I just want to hear from our readers. Where do you think a device like this should land pricing wise? And anyone else think Motorola could have a potential lawsuit on their hands from RIM (just look at those keys)?

[Via TIMN]

Chris Chavez
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  1. This is Sprints new PTT on cdma, Qchat 4.0

  2. The desing of the keyboard looks really nice!!

  3. Poor Blackberry. Android just came to the party with Cheesecake and Patron shots for everybody.

  4. Unfortunately, RIMs only lawsuit could be…”They stole an idea from us that we never thought people would want 3 years ago….”

  5. This has got a way better screen and specs than any RIM qwerty. Hell, so does the XPRT, and this is gonna expand on that.

  6. It lacks inspiration and look like a cheap China rip-off. C’mon Moto be original.

    1. There is not much you can do with that type of design. You have a screen and keyboard and that is it

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