Score 1 More for Apple – Amazon Forced To Stop Accepting New App Submissions In Germany


Remember back when Apple got all bent out of shape about Amazon for using the term “Appstore” for their version of the Android Market? Well, nothing really came out of that here in the U.S. when a federal judge denied Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against Amazon. But that didn’t mean Amazon had heard the last from Apple overseas.

According to PCMag, Amazon has been sending out emails, letting their app developers know that they will no longer be accepting new app submissions in Germany. And they weren’t shy about letting the devs know it’s all thanks to Apple and their reigning overlord, Steve Jobs.

Here’s the full email they sent out to their German application developers:

Subject: Important Notice for Germany Based Developers

Dear Amazon Appstore Developer,

Thank you for your participation in the Amazon Appstore for Android.  We wanted to notify you of a recent change to your Developer Portal account; for the time being, we are not accepting new app submissions from developers located in Germany.  We have been forced to impose this restriction due to a legal action filed by Apple in Germany seeking to prevent us from using the term “appstore.”  We believe Apple’s claim is without merit and are actively contesting it.

When you log into your Developer Portal account, you will notice that the options to add new apps have been removed. We hope to begin accepting new apps from German developers again soon and will notify you as soon as we are able to do so.

We appreciate your patience and your continued interest in the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Thank you,

Amazon Appstore Account Team

Apparently, Apple still has plenty of time to contest its “App Store” trademark in even more countries overseas seeing how their U.S. trial vs. Amazon wont launch until sometime in October of 2012. Hopefully we don’t see more countries following suit and jumping on onto Apple’s side. So, for our fallen application developers in Germany, we salute you. Here’s to hoping you make a speedy return to the Amazon Appstore and make more cash than you would in Apple’s App Store.

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  1. Ridiculus!

  2. Apple is pissing me off.

    It’s one thing to for Apple to demand a fee per device/app, but Apple needs to stop trying to get rid of the competition.

  3. Who won the contest?

  4. What’s wrong with just using The Android Market? Does Android really need more than one app store to begin with? It smells like more fragmentation that Android does not need.

    1. free apps nonetheless..Android Market doesn’t give a free paid app a day, not like how the iTunes store is doing it…and that’s why, Amazon appstore is my choice. (oh, also android market not showing me what apps i had already bought so that I can sync my apps on my phone and tablet..nitpicking really, but i’d like it to show what i have bought so that i don’t have to search for it)

      1. When you’re in the Android Market (old version or new version), press menu→my apps, and it will show you all of the paid apps you bought and if they’re currently installed on the device your using.

    2. There goes the f word being thrown around aimlessly again. The android market doesn’t offer a free paid app everyday.

  5. If Apple wasn’t so arrogant I would give them more respect for their products.

    1. Amen to that brother.

  6. Apple, the ten year old boy with a lawyer…

    1. Google: partner with everyone, sue no one.
      Apple: partner with no one, sue everyone.

      (Microsoft: stab partners in the back, sue everyone else.)

  7. Ridiculous indeed. I’m adding Apple to my boycott list. Have you guys read about the Apple Australia injunction to destroy Samsung’s stock of Galaxy Tab 10.1’s ?

  8. I’m glad! GO APPLE! FYI, Amazon is Android’s greatest threat.

    1. Considering the vast majority can’t use the Amazon appstore, they’re really no threat to anyone.

    2. Do you not realize that apple is turning into a monopoly? (and yes, I did not capitalize apple, thy don’t deserve it.)

  9. i really want them to rebrand it as “bite me”

    1. Better yet, “Sosumi”

  10. Well, like they say in Cupertino:

  11. In other news, Apple sues all other cellular device manufacturers for the use of “phone” in their products, as it is too similar to “iPhone” and may cause brand confusion.

    So far, all sued manufacturers are complying with Apple’s demands, citing the inability to afford better lawyers than Apple.

  12. Wow apple is so scared of the G-tab that they’re ruining there reputation with there ridiculous actions. If Steve Jobs was in his right mind this wouldn’t be happening, but the cancer and drugs have turned him into a bitter angry old man who resorts to desperate tactics to stay relevent. They are only hurting themselves since this brings more attention to the Galaxy tab. I mean it must be good if the great Apple is so worried that they’re trying to stop sales anyway they can. This just makes Apple look insecure and weak.

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