HTC EVO 3D UK Release Now Slated for September


The HTC EVO 3D was scheduled for a European release this month, but with August closing in rapidly it doesn’t take a rocket scientest to see that isn’t happening. After the missed release date caused Vodafone UK to simply drop the EVO 3D from their smartphone lineup, the glasses-free 3D handset’s manufacturer is confirming that the phone will not be available to European consumers until September. This corroborates the shipping date being shown for UK pre-orders of EVO 3D. Not the best news for those eagerly awaiting the handset, which has been available in the US for the better part of the summer.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. That gold around the camera pod sure looks a lot nicer than the red we get here in the states.

    1. i agree

    2. Only because the grass is greener on the other side. I bet if the Evo 3D was gold here in the US, and red overseas, you’d be saying the opposite.

  2. HTC France said a few days ago that the EVO 3D would hit France carriers by the begining of August.
    Since when is UK considered as Europe ?

    1. Since we learned that there are 7 continents

  3. what exact date is it being releast

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