Google’s Executive Chairman Spotted In The Wild Spotted Sporting a Blackberry


Well, this is embarassing. Came across this post from Crackberry and in what likely gave Blackberry users a good chuckle, Google’s former CEO and current executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, was spotted snapping pics all over Asia using his favorite smartphone… THE BLACKBERRY (shaking my head). This isn’t the first time homeboy’s been spotted with the device. He was caught back in ’09 with his gold plated BB snapping pics (below).

While I honestly think this is more funny than anything, I guess it would be the equivalent of Col. Sanders eating at Popeye’s or something of that nature (even if Schmidt is no longer Google’s CEO). I mean, couldn’t he have just picked up one of the many Android/Blackberry clones out there? I guess there’s something about using an simplistic and aging phone OS that the guy likes. Don’t worry, I’m sure he has the Nexus Prime in his back pocket.

[Via Crackberry]

Chris Chavez
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  2. LOL probably trying to be a fence sitter

  3. I bet it had to do with the cell phone frequencies, and that does look like a Google sticker on the back… Presenting the Nexus Berry.

    1. HAHA

  4. Hey Eric, get a blackbery running android please.

    1. I thought that’s what the cha cha is.

      1. Droid Pro as well

  5. why are you guys complaining biut him with a BlackBerry? Cmon its most likely for business purposes…got to admit the berry is still one of the best for strictly business use. By the way I am an Android User

    1. Exactly. I’m a diehard Android fan. But I still use a BB for work. Android just can’t match BB when it comes to corporate security. Yet.

      At least he wasn’t caught using an iPhone. If he was using an iPhone that would be like Col. Sanders eating at Popeye’s. Using a BB is like Col. Sanders eating fried chicken at a crappy roadside diner in Canada.

  6. with all the phones out these days, that’s the best pic that could’ve been taken (of him using a BB) ?

  7. This is BS. I been an adamant supporter of Android and yet the former CEO of Google doesn’t trust the security of their own platform.

  8. At least it’s not an iPhone.

  9. Its not a blackberry, the first pic is a droid pro,and the lower picture has been doctored -its already been proven counterfeited ,it was a small piece added to it to look like blackberry and like I say the top is a droid pro,sorry guys as much as yall dont want to admit it,rim is done,the next time rim is saw with a new phone it will have Android on it!

  10. Come on guys it has to do with the fact that there aren’t many Android phones out there that are global. I think the Droid2 global is the only one and that is not even that global. It is a piece of crap phone (blackberry) but he needs it while on official business. Now if only going to strip clubs could be an official business trip at my work?

    1. Have you ever heard of GSM? It’s the technology that everyone but Verizon and Sprint use, the one that works worldwide. It’s the reason I’m in Australia, traveling with my Nexus S, as if the phone was made to work here. Get a clue before you go on saying things with no basis, por favor.

      1. Really? He was correct you idiot. Your phone may be GSM but I guarantee you that it doesn’t have all of the radio frequencies or bandwidths needed to work in all parts of the world (such as Asia where Schmidt was spotted). Get a clue before you go on saying things with no basis, por favor.

        1. My GSM-based phone bought from the UK (Motorola Milestone) works in UAE, Oman, Thailand, and Japan. Also, my T-mobile G1 (imported from USA) works in the UAE and Canada.

          No need to attack other people, seriously.

  11. Is he not allowed to use a Blackberry if he wants to? Is there something wrong with that? If he wants to use a Blackberry then let him. All suits have one anyway.

    Fuzz over nothing.

    1. No, not if you’re a figurehead of a major competitor. It’s the reason MS doesn’t allow iPhones or iPods.

      1. Or using Google Search within the network.

  12. I wonder what it’s like to be an android-owning, windows-using Apple employee.

    1. Unemployed.

  13. He still upset that he is no longer the ceo, hahaha.

  14. Pretty sure Eric Schmidt has gone on record several times saying he carries something like five phones around. They aren’t *all* Android devices.

  15. I guarantee you he has several androids, 1-2 blackberries, and an iPhone. As do most other Google/RIM/Apple executives. It’s essential to get a good understanding of your competitor’s products, and I’m sure they all switch back and forth between their phones on a daily/weekly basis…

  16. Shouldn’t he know what kind of experience other phone systems offer? What better way than trying to use it like everyone else. If anything RIM should be concerned.

  17. all I read was nexus prime…GIEF NOAW!


    Who cares if its his only phone or not…android was/is his job, not his life…he is still allowed to use another phone….what should I care?….or maybe he is really scared of the google privacy thing and he is still waiting to use a android phone when his idea (for an online identity slate cleaning) has passed….What else does he have to hide….

    hmmmm guess I wasn’t as serious as I set out to be….hmmmm interesting

  18. Why is this news? Honestly, I would be a bit mad if a top ranking exec wasn’t using products from all his company’s competitors. If you aren’t familiar with your competitor’s products, then you don’t stand much of a chance of learning their weaknesses and overcoming them with your own products.

  19. He’s just waiting for the Nexus Prime to come out

  20. Wow this is like a week old news now. It was on phone arena a week ago come on phandroid.

  21. Maybe this is all pointing to the imminent Google buyout of RIM and their patents:)

  22. Are we sure that isn’t a Droid Pro in the picture?

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