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Google Music Now Allowing You To Invite Friends



Well, what do we have here? It looks like Google Music (beta) is finally allowing for users to invite friends to join Google’s music streaming service. So let all your friends and family know that they can upload their entire music library and no longer have to worry about precious sd card space.

Don’t have any friends (like me)? Well, maybe we could start a request thread in this post ala Google+ and see if anyone is generous enough to send you an invite. Oh- and Google Music is only available for U.S. residents. Good luck!

Thanks, Bryan!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Is this still U.S. only?

    1. Correct, sir. Updated post.

      1. But a proxy will fix that problem :)
        You only need it for signing up/req invite. When you are up and running it does not matter where you are.
        I’ve been using it from Norway for several weeks without a hitch :)

  2. Anyone wanna add me?!

    1. Where do you live Paul? If you’re up at this hour, I’m assuming overseas? =(

      1. And what about you Chris? What are you doing up so early/late?

  3. I guess the invites are random. Google invited me shortly after launch, but I don’t have the option to invite anyone. Judging from that picture, the invites will be more on par with the original Google Voice rollout in contrast to Google+ many invites. I presume this is so their servers won’t become overloaded from the initial uploading and streaming.

  4. i’ll take one !

  5. Would be nice to get one too! ;-)

  6. US only doesn’t matter, I’m in the UK and have been using Google Music for ages.

    Don’t have the option to invite anyone though.

  7. All the best Google Products are US only which is a real shame. Google Voice, Google Music. It’s a real shame as the UK market and other regions would really take to these products. It’s also a shame that some Google products do not work with Google Apps accounts either e.g. Google+. How Google justifies ignoring huge market share is beyond me. They should focus their attention on bringing all these products to all markets rather than prioritising their focus on new products.

  8. Don’t be evil google, let us non US have fun too!

    1. Someone need to make a US Google Proxy Server for browsing. This way all the kids around the world can play :)

  9. I don’t seem to have any invites :(

  10. dont have the ability to invite either. sorry.

  11. actuallly ONLY for the invite you have to be in the US! I mean that if you go to google music home page with a proxy you can request the invitation and then when you receive it (i received it a week later) you can use google music from everywhere.
    I’m in Italy and i use it with no proxy and on my android phone too!!
    use this:

  12. I don’t have invites. I’m in U.S. and been on google music darn near from the beginning.

    1. Same. Oh well, I was thinking of selling invites to the highest bidder. Guess I’ll just have to rob a liquor store instead.


  13. I have two invites. If anyone would like one, email me at….

    And… both invites are now gone! That was fast :)

  14. if anyone has an invite left, please send to zabrady (at) please! I’ll pay it forward! :)

    1. Go to, click on request an invitation and you should get one within a week. That is what I did, I actually got my invite from google in 3 days. Try it!

  15. Go to, click on request an invitation and you should get one within a week. That is what I did, I actually got my invite from google in 3 days. Try it!

  16. so it says its free for a limited time…..would existing members have to make a paid account once it becomes (if it becomes) a paid service? I don’t think anyone would have this info.

  17. Where do you check to see if you have invites?

  18. I’ll trade a G+ for a Google Music anytime… anyone? Email me at [email protected].

  19. I keep checking but no invited to give out

  20. Anyone up for sending an invite k thx orangemaskedtobi(at)

  21. Anyone shoot me an invite? my email is [email protected]

  22. so I was lucky last time on one of these for google plus, hoping it will happen again. if anyone has some invites

    deharo.hector at gmail.

  23. If anyone wants a Google+ invite I can give you one for a Music invite, or if you already have one I’ll just take a music invite. Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]

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