Did AT&T’s Samsung Attain (Galaxy S II) Just Pass Through the FCC?


So, I’ve had quite a few Phantips alerting me of a mysterious Samsung SGH-I777 device that just passed through the FCC today. By the looks of it, this could be one of the two versions of the Samsung’s Galaxy S II phones to hit AT&T very soon. Seeing how there’s no indication of a keyboard, we’re going to go ahead and call this the Samsung Attain.

The FCC document lists all of required AT&T’s frequencies including their 4G HSPA bands and even NFC. Is Samsung getting the U.S. ready for a Galaxy S II onslaught next month? I’ve got my credit card ready! All we need now is T-Mobile’s “Hercules” and the Verizon version to complete the Galaxy S II blitz.

[Via AndroidForums]

Chris Chavez
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  1. dear god i hope so. i need to upgrade from my 3gs… joining the dark side.

    1. Dark, light, either way, welcome to Android :)

    2. Joining the dark side…? Hmm…

    3. “… leaving the dark side.” There I fixed it for ya.

      1. Who ever said the dark side was a bad thing?

        1. yes i was thinking more along the lines of the dark side is cooler. darth vader > luke

  2. Nooooo! Verizon was supposed to be first. C’mon Big Red, I’m still pulling for ya.

    1. HEY! i got an infuse out of despair of this phone ever actually coming out. i returned and have been using a TOUCH PRO FOR GODS SAKE!! not even a touch pro 2. let us poor fools on AT&T have a little bit of the android limelight for once.

      1. Sorry to hear that, but at least AT&T had some Nexus phones. The only good choices on Verizon are Motorola’s bloated, locked down hunks of metal.

        1. True, but as much as i hate the US subsidized model if i’m not going to get a byop reduced monthly plan i’m at least going to take advantage of the discounted phone. of course that’s subject to change if the next Nexus is as beastly as the rumors make it out to be.

          1. I’m on a family plan and I’m holding onto a full upgrade for two months now. If I don’t subsidize another phone then my plan should be somewhat cheaper.

            Like you say we might as well take advantage of the discounted phone since we seem to be paying anyway.

          2. two months? piiiiish. i’ve been out of contract SINCE DECEMBER!! first i was waiting for the infuse, then CES happened and it’s been all about the gs2 ever since.

          3. December? Yeah you win lol. We really gotta stop after this thing comes out cuz this is the kind of phone that keeps you from desiring the next best thing. Occasional interest is acceptable but that desire has to go!

            No more hourly checks to see that new piece of information.(for me at least)

          4. Thank you!!! I thought i was the ONLY one, but mine is more like every 30 minutes!!!! VERY SAD!!!!!!!

      2. Oh man I feel your pain. I paid 500 cash for a Vibrant to rid myself of that POS TP2 that is now sitting dead on a shelf.

      3. I Returned a Infuse, and have been using a Blackberry Torch?!?!?! for months now!!! I have NO IDEA why people like Blackberry, But anyway, One way or another, I HAVE to get an android, and SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i have spent faaaaaaar too much time this month hammering the fcc server and reading documents that i have just a passing understanding of instead of doing you know… my actual work. hopefully this intensely obsessive, geeky, and kind of sad period in my life has come to an end.

    1. Appreciate ya, man =)

    2. I too am guilty of this obsession.

      I’ve been WAITING for an Android phone like the GSII since the GS was announced back in March last year. With 4.3″ screens already being out, the Vibrant has just been a year long temporary phone until one of these 4.3″+ beast comes to TMO.

    3. Sooooooooo AGREE, I am starting to scare myself!!!!!!!!

  4. Good. Now I can leave my G2 for Tmo’s Galaxy S ll or MyTouch 4G slide. Hmm…

  5. Hm, does noone else find it interesting that the model number is SGH-I777. I mean usually the flagship Samsung devices are in the 900s (i.e. SGH-i997 was the Infuse, sgh-i917 is the focus, etc). Although, if you were to look at it in a philosophical way, 7 is the perfect number (at least in the Bible). So three 7s must mean ultimate perfection?

  6. If this really is the Attain, i’m buying it. Launch day.

  7. Now i have to choose between this and the Thrill.

  8. So what does this mean in terms of a release date?

  9. I actually COUNT THE DAYS LEFT in July, only because i heard That it would release in August!! I really have to doubt my sanity at this point, BECAUSE OF A PHONE!?!?!?!?!? I am trying my hardest to find somthing, anything that will be just as good, even a little tiny bit less than to buy, only because my obsession with this thing, is starting to really worry me!?!?!?!?!?!? And people called Steve Jobs the Anti-Christ?!?!? Might just be Samsung has the number 666 somewhere on their models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Has the Galaxy S2 on AT&T been delayed? I saw rumors of a QWERTY-keyboard and i was wondering if they’re still going to release an original version without the keyboard in August.

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