Google’s Email Intervention Helps You Get Your Friends Off Those “Embarrassing” Email Addresses


Let’s face it – these days, we take one look at an @yahoo, @aol or @msn email address and we snicker. Go on, admit it. Well instead of ridiculing those who are stuck in the year 2000, why not help them out with an Email Intervention? Get them off of the email services usually associated with immature school children and get them on to something that has a bit of “coolness” to it. Let them experience the joys of email elitism as they flaunt their Gmail. And really, Gmail just sounds a lot cooler than anything except for a government or school email address. Watch the amusing clip above, but if you want to seriously help a family member or friend move over to Gmail use their Email Intervention tool now. [Thanks Vlad!] PS: If you’re going to tell me that this is “old news” or that “news must be slow today”, I have a different sort of intervention in mind for you. :)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey, I still have a aol email for 1 reason & 1 reason only

    Somebody else used my handle on gmail

    Oh, & gmail is 2 letters longer than aol.

    OK 2 reasons

    1. jd_from_da_80s at gmail.com was taken ? .. really ?

      1. You sir, deserve a “Like”.

      2. lmao, not this handle, jmansell

  2. I have to say it, old news. The link is actually kind of annoying and I wish I could turn it off.

  3. once all the idiots on yahoo and aol come over to gmail then we’ll need to find something new again. gmail is already getting old and infested with ex aolers and yahooers.

    how about something like @phandroid.com? i’d definitely sign up for that.

    1. noob.

  4. Just for the sake of it. News must be slow today :P

  5. Too funny

  6. How is Yahoo outdated? I have Yahoo and a Gmail, of course. But I use the Yahoo account as my main email. I just like Yahoo better for some reason. Plus I don’t want Google reading my mail.

    1. Yahoo is def. not. But Aol and hotmail are pretty embarrassing.

      1. hotmail is fully integrated into wp7 skydrive, and office live. You are a loser and i read all your comments. loser.

    2. i used yahoo before gmail and i still use for some stuff

    3. You’re a fool then. Yahoo mail is so slow, not secure against firesheep hacking. You must be crazy if you think Yahoo mail is not outdated.

  7. wait, gmail.com is less embarrassing than yahoo.com or hotmail.com?

    Yeah, keep on preaching that idea. I will just laugh at you.

    They are equally good or equally embarrassing.

    1. Are you high? Yahoo mail is just freaking awful, least secure. Hotmail is so dysfunctional. Spam heaven.

  8. Could this be Google’s response to the microsoft parody movie of gmail from the other day?

    1. Get your friends off those embarrassing addresses, like Office 365! :3

  9. I don’t really care what domain people are doing their free email at, although I did once point out to someone how having a hotmail.com email address on their professional business card didn’t put them in a very good light. She was pretty surprised by that, but then later said that she asked a bunch of her friends and they all told her the same thing. She had no idea!

    I’d think the same thing about a gmail.com address though. If you really want to use those services from your work email, at LEAST have a business email address that forwards to it.

    1. I thought the same thing about gmail.com when it first started as well. That’s why I keep my @msn.com address (NOT hotmail).

  10. Hmm. One of my email addresses is @excite. Remember that one. Another is equally short, @live. Doesn’t matter what people think.

    I like Gmail because is links with all my other Google stuff. Convenience, not out to impress anyone.

  11. I’ve had the same Yahoo address for 14+ yrs. I don’t intend to stop using it.

    I pay $20/yr to forward it to my Gmail account.


    1. Well then you’re a moron. I’ve had Yahoo mail as my first email and it’s the crappiest email system period.

      1. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it, Freddy-boy?

        If I’m forwarding it to Gmail, I obviously don’t use Yahoo as my mail interface….


        1. …You have to pay to forward your email!? o.O
          Since when!? Or is that something from the Yahoo Premium thing?


  12. Or pay the token few bucks a year and get your own domain name, then abstract your email address from your email provider. Want to jump to another email service? No need to change your address. Want unlimited disposable email addresses to track and deal with spam? No problem. Want to use the domain for other stuff, like websites? You’re all set to go.

    It’s trivially easy.

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