Jul 29th, 2011

TechCrunch was holding one of their tech conferences today called Mobile First Crunch Up. During one of the closing panels, Google’s design lead Matias Duarte was there representing Android, at one point saying the choice between Android and iOS is nothing more than preference (I would 100% agree).

Well, during the Q&A session, rapper extraordinaire, Chamillionaire took to the mic and let Duarte know exactly how he felt about Android saying, “I’ve used all these different devices, they suck.” Apparently, Mr. Illionaire feels like there still hasn’t been a single Android device released that can compare to his iPhone. This obviously drew a big reaction from the crowd and murmurs of, “Oh no he di’int!” could be heard across audience.

But Duarte didn’t let it phase him, he then explained to Chamillionaire that everyone has different tastes and that his competitors also make great products as well. Did that stop Chamillionaire? Not entirely. He wanted to know which device he should use next. Duarte responded with, “I’m hoping that pretty soon we’re gonna have an android phone you’re gonna love,” Clearly hinting at Google’s upcoming Nexus Prime. (Using my psychic powers passed onto to me at birth, I will add what else he was thinking, “…and it will melt your face off.”)

When TechCrunch followed up on Chamillionaire’s questiong by asking Duarte which device he was using at the moment, he said it was the Nexus S and Chamillionaire agreed to drop a couple bills on it. We’ll have to wait and hear his thoughts at a later time (need to charge my psychic powers). But what do you guys think of Chamillionaire’s statement? Would you even want a phone that Chamillionaire would deem worthy as an iPhone replacement? Maybe he needs Android to provide a native police scanner app so the po-po’s don’t catch him ridin’ dirty…

UPDATE: Chamillionaire clarified some things on his Twitter yesterday. As it turns out, he was never knocking the Android OS. In fact, he’s actually owned 3 different Android devices and according to Chamillionaire, it was only the build quality he was referring to when compared to Apple devices. It turns out, Chamillionaire is just a tech enthusiast like the rest of us who is “an expert at keepin it real.” Can’t knock him for that.

[Via TechCrunch]