Chamillionaire Speaks Out – Tells Google’s Design Lead That All Android Devices “Suck”


TechCrunch was holding one of their tech conferences today called Mobile First Crunch Up. During one of the closing panels, Google’s design lead Matias Duarte was there representing Android, at one point saying the choice between Android and iOS is nothing more than preference (I would 100% agree).

Well, during the Q&A session, rapper extraordinaire, Chamillionaire took to the mic and let Duarte know exactly how he felt about Android saying, “I’ve used all these different devices, they suck.” Apparently, Mr. Illionaire feels like there still hasn’t been a single Android device released that can compare to his iPhone. This obviously drew a big reaction from the crowd and murmurs of, “Oh no he di’int!” could be heard across audience.

But Duarte didn’t let it phase him, he then explained to Chamillionaire that everyone has different tastes and that his competitors also make great products as well. Did that stop Chamillionaire? Not entirely. He wanted to know which device he should use next. Duarte responded with, “I’m hoping that pretty soon we’re gonna have an android phone you’re gonna love,” Clearly hinting at Google’s upcoming Nexus Prime. (Using my psychic powers passed onto to me at birth, I will add what else he was thinking, “…and it will melt your face off.”)

When TechCrunch followed up on Chamillionaire’s questiong by asking Duarte which device he was using at the moment, he said it was the Nexus S and Chamillionaire agreed to drop a couple bills on it. We’ll have to wait and hear his thoughts at a later time (need to charge my psychic powers). But what do you guys think of Chamillionaire’s statement? Would you even want a phone that Chamillionaire would deem worthy as an iPhone replacement? Maybe he needs Android to provide a native police scanner app so the po-po’s don’t catch him ridin’ dirty…

UPDATE: Chamillionaire clarified some things on his Twitter yesterday. As it turns out, he was never knocking the Android OS. In fact, he’s actually owned 3 different Android devices and according to Chamillionaire, it was only the build quality he was referring to when compared to Apple devices. It turns out, Chamillionaire is just a tech enthusiast like the rest of us who is “an expert at keepin it real.” Can’t knock him for that.

[Via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Just another wack rapper. Who cares?

    1. Google cares. If they can’t appeal to the lowest denominator, how are they going to win more business?

      1. I wouldn’t say LOWEST denominator… Pretty sure he has more money than you or me combined =/

        1. yea bro but hes still the shittiest rapper alive. i mean damn DYLAN was better than him. DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN! I SPIT HOT FIYA!! (Fire)

          1. Hey Chamillionaire:

            Your “rap” sucks

          2. I’m going to have to disagree. Soulja Boy made my ears bleed.

          3. i rrrrip and i rhyme i rhyme and i rip, that is the way that dylan spits! who are the 5 greatest rappers of all thime?

        2. His money doesnt mean anything when it comes to buying these phones, we all pay the same price. If he was saying “If I like one ill buy 20 of them” then that would be different.

          1. Eh. Chances are, he probably got his iPhone from one of those celebrity gift bags. For all his money, he still has someone else buying things for him.

        3. I don’t know where this idea of money = sophistication came from.

          He’s part of the lowest denominator because he’s retarded and prefers overpriced shiny things that don’t do anything special. That’s the market Google needs to appeal to (as well as us geeks).

          1. He probably knows more about technology than you think. He’s frequently asked to join technology conference panels. He is a marketing and business genius. You have no idea what his career has been so don’t speak on it. I’m from the same city he’s from and I have been watching him grow from nothing to a major rapper over the last 10 years.

          2. major rapper???? Finally someone made me laugh.

          3. Who cares? And he is not a marketing and business genius. He is a guy who peddles garbage to a bunch of uneducated idiots.

        4. Of course he’s the lowest denominator… he’s an iFan…

        5. money cant buy you class and money doesn’t make you a better person.

        6. the fact that he has a lot of money doesn’t by itself preclude him from being the lowest denominator. Having cash doesn’t make you intelligent and it doesn’t give you gifts of rationality. Should I point to about 500 pro athletes which would clearly make my point?

          1. Since I can’t respond to your comment to me, I’m going to respond here. He is a LOT smarter than you think/know.

            Watch this interview with him about business, technology, and marketing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x0FPhjl1Kw

            You probably won’t watch it, but that’s because you want to continue your ignorance. You have no idea who this man is. You just watch what you see on TV. I have been following his career since he was selling his CDs out of his trunk in Houston. You don’t know what a hustle is till you hear these guys stories. Educate yourself. I bet you will learn a few things from this video. Just spend a few minutes.

          2. Hey, your comment wasn’t directed at me but I watched the video you linked, and I have to admit that I was surprised at his humble demeanor and intelligent opinions. I would never have expected that from a rapper named Chamillionaire. My personal music tastes are all across the board, with the exception of rap / hip-hop (don’t even know what the difference is!)… the only artists I like within that genre are KRS-One, Atmosphere, and Jurassic 5, but generally rap just doesn’t do it for me, musically speaking.

            Socially, the obsession with money, greed, excess kinda pisses me off. I teach in some really rough, extremely poor areas, and I see exactly how violent gangster rap can influence students’ lives. I’m sure there are many rappers who are NOT all about worshipping bling, and rappers sure as hell aren’t the only demographic that has such shameful values (hollywood types, wall street types, etc), so I don’t mean to single rappers out (btw Jay-Z on NPR a little while back, damn he is one smart man, I have tons of respect for him). I’m geting way off point though, I just wanted to say thanks for the link, and try to explain why I wouldn’t have expected a rapper named Chamilionaire to have worthwhile insight on Android.

            …this is geting way too long and nobody is reading this at this point, but I just thought it must suck for him every time he tried to attend a tech event like the rest of the hobbyist android crowd, and have to overcome everyone’s bias each time (“pfft, who cares what he thinks, what does he know about android?”). I generally don’t care in the least what celebrities have to say about issues outside of their profession, but he seems legitimately interested and into the tech scene… then again he probably makes more money in a month than I will in my life, so I don’t feel TOO bad for him! ;)

            ***NOTE TO PHANDROID!!!!****

            Sorry for being the politically correct police, but I wish you would remove that youtube video. This may sound ridiculous, but that’s the kind of thing that keeps reinforcing stereotypes. I know they were “making fun” of the white guy but it also (unintentionally) sends a VERY clear message that stuff like Math club is a white people only thing. Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion!

            ***K THX***

          3. No, I won’t watch it. Do you know why? Because whether he’s intelligent or not, he peddles garbage. And whether he is intelligent or not, he still portrays himself as an uneducated loud mouthed buffoon. So, again, why would Google care? Whether he is or not, he portrays himself as the lowest common denominator. Therefore, few if any people will look to him when it comes to advice concerning technology.

            As far as my ignorance goes, I don’t count being able to “hustle” as evidence of being outside the classification of the lowest common denominator. The guy acts like a complete jacka$$, his music is garbage, and I could care less what he thinks about anything.

          4. I have no issue if you choose to continue to be a closed-minded and ignorant human being. You only hurt yourself. It still is sad though.

          5. How am I being a close minded human being?? Because I have the audacity to hold the position that his music and business is morally corrupt? I’m not close minded. But being open minded doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to hold an opinion of someone based on their behavior. Jesus…can you take the political correctness any more to the extreme?

            If he wants people to regard his opinion as useful or valuable then maybe he should say something publicly that is actually useful and intelligent.

            Moreover, if you’d actually read my post I didn’t state that he was actually ignorant. I stated that he portrays himself as that. Since his public image is of the town idiot few people will look to him for technology (or any other sector) based information. As such, Google could care less what he thinks.

            Please, point out how my argument is wrong. If you can’t can we at least skip the ad hominem attack that you will resort to?

        7. having more money does not “raise your denominator”. It is that perception that is ruining this country. Money is valued above intelligence. (I speak in the general here – it is true I don’t know anything about this man in particular. He could be a Rhodes scholar…)

        8. Pretty sure he has a lot more credit card debt than me too and a lot of these rappers file for bankruptcy a couple years into their career cuz they don’t make as much as some people think

    2. I don’t think he even cares for his rap.. At least he’s an honest Android user, Nexus S user as well; so he definitely knows his tech.

      1. Where’s the -1 button for this one? Honest Android user? Owning a high end phone and slamming it with a bold, but utterly unspecific and non-descriptive comments shows that he “knows his tech”?

        LOFL!! Like Mapekz said, “lowest denominator because he’s retarded and prefers overpriced shiny things that don’t do anything special.” He’s just another untalented tool that barely scrapes by as a celebrity and has to speak up when someone’s recording so he isn’t forgotten.

      2. Maybe you should read the article again. It says that Duarte is the one with the Nexus S, and Chamillionaire was gonna drop a couple bills to get it to try it out.

    3. I agree with Brandon. The guy sucks, his opinion doesn’t matter to the majority of the population.

  2. Why does this worth attention???i mean look at the guy for christ sake….

    1. Never judge a book by its cover. I heard Chamillionaire invented Linux. And the photo is actually a PhotoShopped pic of me o_O

      1. Lol Chris, your tomfoolery never ceases to amuse.

      2. This has been a long time coming. I thought I could resist. But Chris….I love you. Seriously you crack my stuff up. Awesome write up. Awesomer comment.

      3. Chris, he ain’t got shit on your hair.

  3. Chamillionaire’s a..a..no, there aren’t words.

  4. Typical iPhone user!

  5. Why is this fool and his opinion even news? He can take his bling and head back to Section 8.

    1. I, myself, in no way agree with this clown, Chamillionaire. The name alone tells you what we are dealing with. I love Android, and I’m a life-long Hip Hop fan…and sorry,,,,that aint hip hop,,,but whats up with the Section 8 remark??? That slight makes you as ignorant as he….jus sayin homie..

  6. I could care less what he thinks

    1. *couldn’t

  7. [moderated] him! actually im going on his Facebook right now to tell him he is a [moderated]! watch, you guys should join.

    1. darn, I got moderated anyways, just raided his facebook, I called him a lumpy headed rapper with sickle cell


        1. Im hoping im reading this out of sync and Chris Chavez isnt laughing at someone with Sickle Cell anemia thats calling out some racist dude that happens to be calling iCham a lumpy head sickle cell patient when he knows its affecting Black people.

          If So, Chris you lost like 800 cool points, you never know how many phandroid members here are Black.

          1. You’re doing a LOT of assuming in this comment.

            I was just laughing cuz I thought him lashing out on Chamillionaire’s Facebook was pretty hilarious. It’s the equivalent to, “I’m taking this to the streets.” but in internet form.

            I apologize for my lack of medical knowledge but I I don’t know a thing about sickle cell. =/

          2. You answered and thats cool. I was just curious, sometimes its hard to get these correctly with this format of commenting.

            Wasnt assuming, I was asking based off the way it looked.

            Check out your HAHAHAHAHA and which comment its under.

        2. I’m black And I’m not affended by these comments why in the hell would you be.

          1. AAAAAAMAN Aman Aman I agree 125% some of these foos on here need to get a clue

          2. Your name is ” ”

            Man your opinion just will seem troll-like period.

            And Im guessing you speak for every black person.
            Thanks Ambassador of Blacks for your opinion.

        3. Racist what racism, now African Americans cant handle Sickle Cell Jokes? WTF? “He is a customer holding google accountable for his product”, we are commentators commenting on his lame ass 1990’s musical skills or lack there of. If that “minor league celebrity” wanted to complain he should do it though the regular means, not hog the spot light, and expect whinny bitches like your self to defend him on blogs like phandroid. If Chamilionaire is so “Gangsta’ ” im sure he has been told worst, cause he a bitch!

          1. Your lame attempts of talking “Hip” is bad but yeah you seem like another person frustrated about not being able to express certain things to a certain group.

            “Racist what racism, now African Americans cant handle Sickle Cell Jokes? WTF?”

            What else cant we handle? You said some other jokes that Blacks couldnt handle?

        4. dude, i guess it sucks i turned everyone against you on here, i wasnt trying to be racist. 2pac’s song “I hit em up” came to mind. I thought if i would conjure up the memories of east coast vs. west coast it would go great with the android vs iOS battle specially now since a rapper was involved. I think people should toughen up on the internet, its not a place for sympathies.

          1. I know me some Tupac. Seriously was one of my favorite rappers of all time. I think I could probably quote every single song of his. TUPAC 4 LIFE!

      2. Really, and that’s funny.? Do you even know what Sickle Cell is, or do you just know its predominantly related to African Americans. Are you a racist punk bitch or do you just play one on the internet? Because I have Sickle Cell and I don’t think you’re man enough to handle it!

        Chris??? Laughing at that comment…really??? Lost all respect! I’m saltly on this site now.

        1. I agree, that comment make my stomach drop. I love Android, but even if you don’t agree with his comment, never take it to that level.

          1. youre not cut out for the internet, grow some balls ’cause you’re all shaft, you aint got no balls.

        2. “Funny thing is im not a racist” My reference to sickle cell was due to 2pac’s song “I hit em’ up” where 2 pac’s lyrics reads; “You Little young ass motherfuckers
          Don’t one of you niggas got sickle-cell or something” So that is why sickle cell came to mind not really because he was black, although i did know sickle cell is a disease that affects mostly African Americans.
          With 2pac’s song in mind i tried to create a feeling of Android (2pac) vs. Chamilionaire (biggie or apple). Didnt really think about race, but what if i where black and would of posted this is that ok?
          Am I a racist punk bitch? or do i play one on the Internet? Well, do you really have sickle cell? or are you just a whinny politically correct chump who is looking for sympathy, and cant take a fucking joke. If you do suffer from sickle cell too bad, dont expect to come on the internet and find sympathy, you wont. Toughen up, or stay away from the net. So in conclusion, more tupac.
          ” First off, fuck your bitch
          And the click you claim
          West side when we ride
          Come equipped with game
          You claim to be a player
          But I fucked your wife…”

          1. You’re really immature, you contradict yourself with each subsequent sentence. (subsequent means next in sequence, sequence means order). I’m almost sorry that I did respond. And I do know you are racist and a punk bitch. You said it, so own it! And if you were black, you would be just a punk bitch. You’re the type of racist that would be scared to spew that garbage in public, but behind the veil of the internet, you have the balls you are always referring to. Then after being called on it, waffle about wether you considered race or not. Hence the PUNK BITCH. But yes I do have Sickle Cell. And I’m tougher than you’ll ever be or could imagine. I’ve battled back from the edge several times. But you are correct, if I can’t take your joke, I need to stay away from the net. But in all honesty I didn’t expect to read that garbage here. So, now I’m out to read Android news elsewhere. Minus points for PHANDROID!

          2. I doubt you are tougher, your red blood cells don’t allow it, biaaaatch! Screw off!
            Sent from ?

          3. Anyone who is interested, sickle cell is not necessarily a black disease. It actually affects people with ancestry from Africa as well as the Mediterranean, southern Europe and Asia as well as many Islands in that region and is an adaptation to living in an area that is known for high occurrences of Malaria. Fact: People with sickle cell are less likely to contract Malaria and if they do the symptoms are weaker than a person who doesn’t have it. So lets put this sickle cell = racism thing to rest already.

        3. I was laughing cuz that guy took it to Chamillionaire’s Facebook page. And in all honesty, I thought he was trying to censor his comment so he wouldn’t get moderated again. I didn’t even know what sickle cell was or who it affected.

          That being said, it’s sad that a post about Chamillionaire’s comments on Android immediately turns into racism. *sigh*

          1. Well, now you know. And you’re right about it being sad, sad that this site tolerates racist comments. *sigh* Overt comments or otherwise. I come here often to read articles, not to be offended on the lowest level and have it called commentary. So with that, moving on!

          2. Damn, you are dense! You completely missed the point – Sickle Cell Anemia is an ailment! You laughing at someone jesting about a disease, and condoning it by a poster, is pathetic.

          3. Yeah agreed, same to the poster above you.

            So many comments on this article are flush with racist undertones, particularly the one boasting how he publicly called a black guy lumpy headed and hopes he gets sickle cell.. although no “undertones” there, just plain offensive and frankly disappointing in 2011.

            I made a post above asking Phandroid to please remove the video because of some unintentional but nevertheless present racist messages in the video, came back today to see how they responded. Well, they didn’t – but I did keep reading, and instead I saw Chris Chavez give a hearty laugh and thumbs up to the bigot who was super proud because he wrote an incredibly hateful message on the internet.

            Good thing there are PLENTY of other tech sites – I’m out.

          4. It is sad…its like if yout not black…even breathing around some blacks could be a racist issue alol…time to grow the hell up peoples….

          5. Exaggerate much ? Seems to me that you just dont like not being able to say how you feel without being called out on it.

            Bet you would love the 1950s, wouldnt you?

      3. That was pearlymon. Every month when she’s on the rag, she moderates and changes comments that make her cry. That dumb bitch stopped me from becoming an AF premium member because I’ll be damned if some bitch is going to reword my posts to her liking. They can write a racist article like this, but she cries when someone says “fuck”. Stupid bitch. This will be changed too, because she will cry and whine and say some stupid shit about her “boss”. Actually, I think this is the last time I ever read another Phandroid article. Screw this racist, yellow journalism site.

    2. Facebook? I checked and he has only 6000 “likes” sounds like rap “fail” to me. Freakin Chavez must have had a brain fart when he wrote this crap.

  8. but… it’s Chamillionaire… he hasn’t been relevant in the hip hop since… ever. i mean unless you’re from texas and happen to think that the words “grain” “swangs (sic)” “insane” “blame” all rhyme together.

    1. i listen to rap and even though i remember his name from like 6 years ago (or more) i still don’t remember a single one of his songs

      1. RIDIN’ DIRTY!!! Hellooooooooooooooo…? LOL

  9. He needs to use a modified ROM like MIUI

    1. I am Chris Chavez and I approve this comment.

    2. Would he know how, or take the time to learn how, to install it even if he new what MIUI was?

  10. well…I mean doesnt Jay-Z or Kanye West have android devices? So i mean some lame from texas doesnt really matter lol. ANDROID FTWW

  11. Him saying that is like me saying the phone he is using “sucks”. Irrelevant and no one cares

  12. Unbelievably irrelevant rapper speaking out.

    Move along Chamillionaire, go join your fellow iSheeple.

  13. Could not agree more. Nexus S is usable (but not great), and most other phones even with custom ROMs do suck. Hopefully these kinds of statements will push Google to make sure Ice cream sandwich is awesome. I’m an Android fan, but still waiting for an Android phone I can love.

    “..the choice between Android and iOS is nothing more than preference (I would 100% agree)”

    I’ll agree to this when my daily Android frustrations disappear. Sluggishness, unresponsiveness, etc. iPhone doesn’t have the level of frustrations as Android.

    1. I’ve got an Evo and can’t say I understand anything you’re talking about. It’s not sluggish, not unresponsive, it’s great.

    2. Huh, that’s weird.
      I only get frustrations on android when I flash an unstable kernel or some shit, the iPhone gives me frustrations no matter what I do.
      The iPhone is old, it just is, you can keep adding better hardware, but it doesn’t matter, the UI is slow and old, the hardware acceleration is the only, and I repeat ONLY thing that keeps iOS alive.

  14. I never bother basing my purchasing decisions on endorsements from people I like, so in this case it has even less impact on me since I have honestly never heard of this guy.

  15. Man, I see a lot of insecurity. I mean, wtf. It is not like even most android phones are that good. 90% are crap with a few that are comparable. In terms of sales, Apple is obviously doing something right when they make 1 phone that can take on the 100s of android devices that are out.
    As he might say – step ya game up android.

    1. Wait a min…

      Since the iPhone came out first, I thought Android had 100s of phones to take on 1 iPhone.

      When did the roles get reversed? lol

    2. if you mean ‘right’ in the sense that average people who aren’t smart enough to learn how use a more advanced device, sure. I view the iphone as an appliance, kind of like a beige toyota camry haha.

      1. Not everyone want’s a complicated OS. Our lives our complicated enough. Sometimes people just want something simple, easy to use and that “just works.” Can’t hate on that…

        1. Ugghh…I hate hearing this “just works” phrase over and over again. Like how your car “just works” until it blows a head gasket, or your computer “just works” until it gets a virus? Why not just be open with it and mean what it says, “just works” is just another way of saying “too complacent to actually bother to read” or “don’t have time to learn”. This little meme if you could call it that needs to go away.

          1. I side with the author on this one. Sometimes people just want what works. That means having a lot of rules and restrictions involved with using a certain device to keep it stable. Good for them that the iphone exists. The people that like having choices have Android.

          2. But that’s not even true. My Android “Just works” my old Windows Mobile “just worked”. There’s a difference between intuitive and dumbed down. It’s kinda funny that a group that’s too lazy, spoiled, impatient, and self-involved to use android can’t even be bothered to accurately describe their feelings. They don’t want a phone that “just works” they want to be able “eat” without bothering to cook, prepare, set the table or even just decide what the meal is going to be. Choices confuse them. That’s why there’s iPhone. The new tagline should be “Apple, let us decide, you’re busy.”

          3. people are really idumb in general…if i can learn the android way in 2 days how the hell hard can it be…geez i think people are lazy…but in all honestly..it really isnt hard people.

          4. Trust me….if iOS “just worked” iPhone, iPad trouble shooting sections of forums wouldnt even exist…

        2. I agree. Sometimes people just want what works. That means having a lot of rules and restrictions involved with using a certain device to keep it stable. Good for them that the iphone exists. The people that like having choices have Android.

        3. I still don’t get that phrase. Is Android really that complicated?

          You can easily just make it like a grid of icons if you want…

          1. Yes it can be complicated. Navigating the OS isn’t as intuitive as iOS. When you have to use Menus to go through settings and different parts of different apps, it makes it much more difficult. iOS flows extremely well. Android.. not so much.

          2. It isnt about complicated versus simple…it is a matter of preference..I never understood how iOS could ever be considered intuitive. Give that phone to someone with it completely shut off, and its going to take a while to learn how to navigate the device. Android has a lot going on, but its all right there, back button, home button, menu button, search button…whats so hard about that??? I have an EVO 3D and an iPhone4 and i still fumble around with the 4.

          3. How does a menu button make things more complicated? If anything, I think it’s easier because I know exactly where the menu and back buttons are. On iPhone, apps usually put the menu button at the top of the screen so I have to reach really far when I’m operating with one hand. You also have to go into the main ios settings to change settings for every app which is just weird to me.

          4. Key phrase: It can be complicated…

            Android can be as simple or as complex as you want.

            Youtube app, GPS, music player, Swype, internet. Thats all my kids mother uses my Droid X1 for.

            If thats what you call complicated….

            Even for someone who never used iOS they will have to learns the ins n outs of the OS. Last year messing aroud with the iPhone I was lost with the 1 button setup. I picked up Android waaaay faster than iOS…coming from the old Win Mo probably helped me.

          5. no its not complicated.only if you make it so..im not the brightest bulb..but i seem to do wonders with my android..i had an iphone by the way…i just didnt like it.

        4. This makes me sad. Tech is faster, cheaper, smoother, and a HELL of a lot less complicated than it was 10-20 years ago. Android is NOT complicated, people are lazy and impatient. They’re not stupid, just spoiled. They’re too busy thinking about what they want for dinner, the hot girl over there, what they’ve gotta do for work, school, etc to pay attention to what’s going on in front of them. They are never in the moment, they’re always thinking about everything else except what they’re doing right now this very second. We don’t have horns, or spikes, or poison, or tough hides, our BRAIN is our biggest asset and weapon, but we’ve reached a point where people have decided they want to spend most of their time not using the one thing that brought the whole species this far up the food chain. People see actually thinking for more than microsecond as an unfair burden. Apple doesn’t make “Intuitive” devices, they make dumbed down devices. Things are a lot simpler when you remove as many choices as possible and do most of the thinking for them. Macs frustrate me because I’m used to being able to decide things, not having all those choices removed. Apple fans want someone else to do the thinking for them, android fans want tech that lets them do what they want to do.

      2. Aren’t smart enough? So how many programming languages do you know? None? How many businesses do you run? None? K get lost, stupid. Keep flipping burgers and buying the only crap phones you can afford.

        – Sincerely, Android Developer that switched to the iPhone and still owns 10x more Android devices than you.

        Im assuming you’re one of those annoying fandroids that would go to I/O wearing an Android hat just to hear news about Android and get free shit, stealing a developer’s seat.

        ^^ Damn I got sick of reading this “too stupid for ‘advanced’ OS” crap. I know tons of dumbass people using Android. But don’t get me wrong, Android is cool. But idiots like you? Not cool.

        1. By pretty much every iPhone advocates “mantra”.. the iPhone is simpler and more intuitive.. So they are the ones stating that Android is “too complicated” or for geeks.. I actually disagree with that, but when you have numerous users telling you it’s too hard for them to understand, then you have to go with the perception that the iPhone is for the less intelligent or “average” person.. You do not have to be a programmer or know many languages to be “smart”, or to even be smarter than the average person… Why would you even take offense to this ? .. What is wrong with stating that the iPhone is good for technically challenged or less intelligent people ?.. that’s what makes it a good seller.. cause that market is huge.

        2. Android has the most stuck up fans on the entire net. Their smug superiour attitude to other os users is pretty ugly. The android mantra is people who don’t use android are too dumb.

          1. you’ve obviously never met anyone with an iPhone. In the dictionary next to the word “smug” is a picture of someone holding an iPhone in one hand and starbucks in the other

          2. oh really go to an apple iphone fan page, or blog site..tell me another blind story…

        3. you sound more like a moron than anything else

      3. My dads an aersopace engineer, and he thinks android phones are complicated. I doubt intellect has anything to do with learning how to use a phone. Most people don’t have the time or the patience to learn a new phone OS

        1. they really arent that hard. i got the G1 when i was 14 and now i have the My touch 4g slide. its very simple reminds me of my old LG rumors

        2. I always hear this… but no one ever explains what they are trying to do that is “complicated”.. Dial the phone ?.. answer the phone ? .. launch an app ?.. install an app ?.. exactly what is the complicated thing that all iPhones do so much better ?, or that have aerospace engineers stumped ? .. really.. I’m curious… I have 2 old “dumb phones” hanging around here.. a Razor and an LG.. navigating these is harder than the oldest version of android that I had.. it took me less than half an hour to learn where things where and to do all the basics, and that was with 1.5, and that includes registering the thing.. dead simple stuff really.. and it’s only gotten nicer and simpler from there in the last 2 years.. I usually chalk up most comments like this, as “borrowed” opinion.. Dave in IT says this is complicated so therefore my opinion is that it’s too complicated.

  16. Chawho? Anyone knows this guy? And want to give me a reason why should we care what he says?

  17. Android is for men, iphone is for woman, teens and rappers i never heard of.

    1. Ummm, FYI, Android is for us and iPhones are for people with goldfish memory i.e. this “rapper”, I have curves you can see from miles away but my nerdy dad taught me well to stay with Android’s side, which makes me the awesome nerd I am today. The girls you see with an iPhone is usually the 95% that start sentences with “Ummm..” or “Like” or actually say out loud “O.M.G.!”

    2. Hey, watch it on the “iPhone is for women” comments! There are plenty of us female android users out here.

  18. “We’ll have to wait and here his thoughts”

    1. I’m not waiting for that… lol

  19. Somebody get him a Samsung Galaxy S II, but get rid of the TouchWiz. Maybe wait until Cyanogen for it is fully baked and give him that, then maybe he’d appreciate it more.

    1. He needs CyanoPhone. Straight up.

  20. Not trying to be funny…is he still selling records?

    Hey its his opinion. Whatever.

  21. must be a slow news day…

  22. ha!! I could say the say thing about his music compared to any other type of music… to tell the truth, I don’t have a f##kin clue what he sings… but I know it sucks!! ha!

  23. I still think if 2PAC was alive, he would kick the shit out of this little skinny fruit MOTHER******! Rappers these days are all pussys!

    1. you know 2pac once let a dude give him oral sex, right? with that said i agree that this guy’s opinion matters as much.as mine in the scheme of things, which isn’t freaking much.

      1. so? homosexuality/experimentation/whatever != not tough

      2. And how would you know that? I take it you watched? Dont give in to the hype douche!


    1. wow…you douches never cease to amaze me..

    2. Neither sprint nor sprint carry the iphone* ill help you out there.

  25. I would rather listen to a Bulgarian priest of Mooch, the one-eyed God of filing cabinets give a sermon on the evils of the Dewey decimal system than listen to this guy render his opinion on technology.

  26. I love Friday news stories.

  27. Now we need silkk the shocker to endorse android to balance it all out.


    2. +1 to you…lol

  28. Dude sucks azz. who gives a flying f*** what a crusty azz rapper like him has to say LOLZ

  29. chamillionarie… really? he is considered a valid and well documented opinion? wow such a sensational guy, did he even finished high school? …just slap him with a Nesus S with MIUI rom on it… problem solved!

  30. he sucks,and that’s real.

  31. In my experience, the less intelligent the person, the more close minded they are. Enough said.

  32. Well I really have to say that he does not know what he is talking about. If Android phones suck so bad, then why is that nearly 50 percent of the market share buy a Android phones? Last time I check your record sales is not even 1 percent of what android is making right now.Maybe you should work getting album to go gold before you even begin to speak.

  33. isn’t he a pokemon? charmander evolved into charmillionare?

    1. That was kinda what I was wondering. Pretty much the only way I could imagine this having any relevance whatsoever — I mean, seriously, who goes to a rapper for tech advice? Or, well, any advice, save maybe how to get shot dead at a young age — was if this was coming from a pokemon.

      So, that’s my thought, this guy is some weird pokemon and apparently he mistook Android for a kind of pokeball.

  34. Dumb bastard.

  35. who ? wow ya know his name rhymes with millionaire. i wonder if he realizes that. honestly who cares what he thinks, if bill gates said android “sucks” i wouldnt listen but id give it more credit than a loser rapper..

  36. Do not take his comment too seriously. Saying he has used “All of these devices”.. no.. He probably hasn’t played around with Evo, Sensation, Galaxy, Droid 2, Xperia or Nexus… I mean c’mon guys even Galaxy S beats iPhone at it’s own game.

  37. Nice. Your comment about him wanting a scanner app when he has no criminal record. Way to stereotype….

    1. Stereotype? He brought it on himself with the one-hit-wonder “Riding Dirty”. Doesn’t he rap about smoking weed while driving and trying to avoid the “po-po”? Precisely why the author of the article threw in “for when your ridin dirty”. You just wanted an excuse to play the race card….

  38. So, I’m not going to bash him, Android, or iOS, but why was he at this closed forum in the first place?

  39. Anyone fancy guessing how large his pay cheque from apple was?

  40. When I look at evaluating technology, the first source I go to for qualified opinions is a… wait… who is this guy again? A rapper?

    Go shine your ridiculous wheels on your car you idiot.

  41. i have to say one thing i have played with both Os and yes it is what you want but see the difference is android is spread across so many devices that android can not focus on just one device to make it run as smooth as the iphone because every company wants their own little thing on each phone

    1. by the way that was the intention…yes have the nexus type of phones..but also have os in others…so that point you made is pointless.

  42. Doesn’t he have another season of “pimp my ride” to ruin by him acting like a total idiot instead of being funny?

    1. He isn’t on pimp my ride lol

  43. All this talk about Cham’s money is killing me. A lot of these rappers aren’t really that wealthy. They might appear to have cash raining down, but a lot of them are struggling. I wonder what he’s gonna do in 10 years when his river dries up. Are all those chains and cars he shows off gonna pay the light bill? He looks like an LG Prada user to me.

  44. eh and his music sucks so what lol

  45. I should have known this would evolve into a race discussion. Are black jokes not funny? Are white jokes not funny? Next time you are listening/watching a comedian and they make a race related joke; how about you get all pissy at them and write them a letter expressing your discontent. Guy is a dueche that just so happens to be black. Btw, its not a stereotype if its always true… I can say that; for I have a black president…

  46. There’s no longevity in Hip Hop, he’s a one hit wonder. I don’t respect anyone in the music industry and why would I even acknowledge his opinions about anything technological?

  47. Another reason to own an android.

  48. I read through all these comments just LOOKING for one to like. But I never found it. So, Chris, THANK YOU for posting the video of white and nerdy. I haven’t seen that in years and it made for some serious lols. :D

  49. Who cares what that little nigger thinks he probably can’t even spell Android. I honestly nevsr heard of this little prick until now. This is probably just a way for him to get his 15 minutes.

    1. not cool no need for racism at all

    2. As an African America I do not approve of your choice of words. I would LOVE to hear you call someone that to their face. Grow up, open your eyes, and love!

    3. And you can’t spell never. Go hide under your daddy’s little white sheet.

    4. wow dude, thats not cool, I’m a black man, Im in school for development and I am quite intelligent, Your comment and others who feel the same way you do, will make people think all white people think the same way you do. Not cool homie.

  50. Chamillionaire on android: it sucks

    Chamillionaire on the iphone: it doesnt suck

    His rap career fails as bad as his phone reviews

    1. he stinks..his thinking…ahhhh look it has apple on back.it must be good for ya…….personally im going back to basic feature phones.

  51. First of all anyone using such a moronic name doesn’t deserve respect. Second, who gives a damn what this punk likes or doesn’t like? He saw the iPhone commercial and bought the hype. I’m sure the keyboard doesnt matter to him as he probably can’t even spell his name. I mean, WTF is this story doing on Phandroid?
    This CRAP is enough to make me remove Phandroid from my bookmarks.
    So lets put an end to shit like this now and get back to rumors that never pan out.

  52. Now that I think about it, I bet MC Hammer is still using a Razr. I suppose the author of this article, Chaves will be interviewing him soon too.

  53. who the hell is chamillionaire anyway?? I never heard of him.. like really!!

  54. lol. he is on of my favorite rappers. his underground work was awesome. Universal made is stuff soggy.

  55. YOU SUCK AT RAPPING ALSO. so what’s the point Chamillionaire

  56. Come on people Chamillionaire (did his mama really name him that?) is entitled to his opinion. He thinks his rap is hot I don’t, He thinks Android devices suck some do, He thinks apple is hot, I don’t….. You see its all about opinion……Besides Chamillionaire (boy I can’t get over that name) is a child and Android is for grown folks so there………

  57. So I like how no one reads up about Chamillionaire… He actually knows his shit.

  58. They don’t suck as hard as his music! When was the last time he came out with a notable song, that involved talent? Never. He can stick to his wack iTurd!

  59. Who the f@ck is this rapper! I’ve never heard of that cock stain before! Is riding dirty his song? Anyways, he can keep his iPhone and go pound sand while he’s at it! LOL

  60. you guys gotta understand eveyone has there own opinion all though i disagree complety it’s his own opinion who cares about his rapping abilites or lack there of so stop hatin sound like a bunch of bitches man up

  61. He has a college degree dumb asses. he transferred piss from hospital to hospital to pay his way. And he’s a tech freak. He has more money then all of us, it would take us 10 life times to make what he makes. that’s all of us combined. Silly people and android does suck. (posted from my iPad)

    1. What’s funny is I know a few dumb asses with degrees! LOL! It really is about opinion I guess! You love your boring ui with a great gaming market! I love my colorful ui with tons of customization and slightly less gaming options! Opinion…

      1. Opinion, you sound very retarded. I’m sure you have no degree lol!!!

        1. Actually you sound retarded….cuz he’s absolutely right.

          Opinion is never fact.

          “One mans trash is another mans treasure…” and vice versa.

  62. he has a college degree, I bet most people on here don’t.

  63. How is he wrong? And funny how everyone assumes a rapper is automatically an idiot. He’s a tech geek, and as such has a right to voice his opinion. And I do agree with him. Compared to an iPhone 4 (and only the iPhone 4) all android hardware is lacking…and Android, thanks to OEMs, is often not optimized properly for the hardware that it’s on.

    Plus with a lack of QC in the market a bunch of apps are HIDEOUS.

    Also Android UI, stock, IMO, sucks…I NEED to theme my phone in order to enjoy it, I haven’t run stock since the T-mobile G1. Hopefully Mathias can bring some welcome change to the UI…especially with the way it looks like the google UI is going (Google+, new market)

    Only reason I prefer Android over iOS is because to me iOS is nothing more than a fancy looking app launcher…utterly boring. I can do so much on my Android device….stock even…and rooted it is beyond compare.

    But looking at it from a purely visual POV iOS “wins” (I don’t actually LIKE their UI either, but it is a slick UI) and when it comes to the consumer market aesthetics matter.

    1. I DONT NEED to theme my phone to enjoy it…neither does my kids mother…me and her like Blur on the Droid X1 as is…so where does that leave us….

      Opinions….just like Chamillionare’s…him saying it sucks isnt fact.

      Also opinion is that compared to the iPhone 4 all Android hardware is lacking. Folks that actually want and like a physical keyboard could care less about the iPhone 4. You were right to mention only the iPhone 4….cuz before the iPhone 4 most Android hardware was probably seen as on par or better.

      I wouldnt say stock Android sucks….but I feel its too plain. I like the different UI from Motorola, Samsung, etc.

      1. lol the original iPhone hardware is a joke…

  64. If he was just talking about build quality, that makes less sense. There are tons of phones built as good or better than any iOS device. The Motorola DROID line, the Sensation, the Nexus One, the Sensation and Evo 3D, there are a huge amount of devices that have excellent build quality.

    The fact he hasn’t used any of those devices kind of invalidates his opinion, do the research before criticizing.

  65. Rapper? Real rap died a long time ago. And having money isn’t always an indicator of intelligence. You can have talent, make lots of cash and still be an idiot. This guy is entitled to his opinion. But Android is not complicated to use – it’s just different and a more powerful OS when used to its fullest. So many low end Android phones are being used by the average Joe now, that to say it’s too complicated is laughable. The evidence just does not support it. Anyone can use Android. Iphone users and the uninformed just throw around the complicated talk because they get defensive when anyone criticizes Apple or they just believe whatever they read.

    As for build quality, Android phones vary for obvioius reasons. You get what you pay for. If you buy the top end phones – you get top end quality. The iPhone 4 may feel substantial but all it takes is one fall to break the outer glass or screen. My droid has taken dozens of falls and still keeps on ticking. And I’d rather have a reliable phone that’s plastic than one that needs a case to maintain good signal strench (a al the iPhone 4).

  66. It’s just a short sighted comment probably engineered in part to create controversy and buzz.

  67. If the best term he could come up with is ” it sucks ” he clearly isn’t intelligent, and last i heard he’s not rich, well not rich enough to pay for one of his houses http://www.mtvbase.com/news/chamillionair-addresses-bankrupt-rumors

    As for the iOS and Android debate, that’s why there is choice…i’m glad both are around because in the end we’ll have better devices from it, i used an iphone 4 for a few days and i thought it wasn’t all that great at all, it’s a tiny screen and lots of button placement was weird i thought ( coming from having a ” back ” button ) sure it’s a smoother experience but people have to remember computers aren’t perfect and it does take a bit of time.
    But i’m more then fine if someone wants to drop a large chunk of money on iphone because they think it’s better, i’m more then fine with my android though

  68. Yeah….What this guy has to say means a lot to me!! LOL

  69. Cant’ believe Chamillionaire will be in the news here. He is the most realist and underrated rappers in this day an age. My favourite rapper, and his words have obviously been taken out of context.

    1. IMO Redman is the most under rated ….but thats a topic for another forum…lol

  70. Android doesn’t suck, Chamillionaire does.. Who cares what he thinks in the first place, hes a one hit wonder. Hes just mad cause the police scanner app on his Droid didn’t work, and the cops caught him riding dirty!

    1. haha lmao!

  71. a Thick chain, a Thick brian… an iIDIOT!

    1. “a Thick brian.” Brilliant! who’s the idiot now.

  72. lemme guess…

    he owned a CSL Spice, Samsung Beam and HTC Chacha?

  73. Are you guys stupid!!! “this guy hasnt been relevant in hip hop since…” Since when does being relevant in hip hop decide wether you are an authority on android???!!! I though using android made you an authority?? Oh but all your stupid comments (all one hundred and something above me) those are legit?? Because you guys who are “relevant” know what yall are talking about??? Get a life

  74. Ok all you so called “African Americans.” Need to stop stating your an African American…your not from Africa you were rasised in the US so there for you are Americans…simple. And stop being so damn sensitive…people have a right to talk about someone…and not be racest while doing it-not everything is damn race issue… Most rap does indeed suck and most rappers are not saying a damn thing…its just talking some superman shit over some beats. Now on topic here, I agree with alot of people how he can think what he wants. But to tell you the Gods truth, I had many Android phones-that because proper updates were not pushed out on-time they were hellllla buggy (Droid X, G1 and the Droid one was kinda buggy too) So Android needs to get on this update buggy… issue. And it looks like after a mighty long time-they just now have.

  75. Who the hell is “Chamillionaire”, and why do so many people actually care enough about what this guy said about Android? I’m not sure which is more odd; the fact that it was even mentioned in the first place, or that there are 170+ comments on the matter. Why would anyone care what actual celebrities have to say about technology much less some guy who is no more popular than any locally well-known musical act?

  76. Wow! Looking at the comments, I am truly taken aback. Such venom with racist undertones. Don’t like the guys music, fine. Don’t like his comment about android, fine. Refute it with facts if you can. But instead you attack the man with comments that seem to be from 14 year old kkk members. Get outside and experience life. Android is just a phone OS managed by one of the largest, richest, businesses on the planet. It’s not like he insulted you mother.

  77. The HTC Sensation is probably the best built phone I’ve ever owned. It feels so solid. While I do think the iPhone 4 is a very, very sexy looking device with a great feel, the Sensation feels almost perfect to me. The EVO 3D feels good, too, but that’s just based on holding the demo unit.

  78. “If he was just talking about build quality, that makes less sense. There are tons of phones built as good or better than any iOS device. The Motorola DROID line, the Sensation, the Nexus One, the Sensation and Evo 3D, there are a huge amount of devices that have excellent build quality.

    The fact he hasn’t used any of those devices kind of invalidates his opinion, do the research before criticizing.”

    No there isn’t and I’m an Android user. I’ve had the Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Incredible and so on. The build quality on these phones have been less than desirable. Just check the forums. They creek, paint comes off, battery cover is loose or doesn’t fit right etc… Before Chamillionaire is a rapper he is 1st a foremost a man and by the looks of it a tech head like a lot of people. All you idiots on here judging him because he raps need to broaden your mind and stop the hate and stereotypes. Apple builds very solid hardware and as far as the software that is a choice. He clearly states by his tweets that he meant the hardware sucks and I have to agree. I don’t want to pick up my phone and feel it creek or making sounds like the casing is moving.

  79. wow surprised at so many racist on this site, if this was taylor swift there wouldn’t be this reaction.
    yea his music sucks so what that doesn’t him make him a ignorant as most folks on here .
    2011 pretty shocked actually.
    this is why i love the internet people can be racist and hide behind comp screens

    androidandme here i come

  80. btw only white people like tupac cuz hes waccccccck

  81. I have honestly never seen so much racism on ANY iPhone postings, this is sad guys, I have lost a lot of respect for team android, you guys seem to be saying that if someone raps or has rims on his car he is not intelligent. This is disturbing, so a black man could never be a “go to man” for anything pertaining to technology? That is a messed up stereotype…seriously…I honestly feel some type of way, I don’t think I have ever felt to so offended by reading comments to a simple post, while I don’t agree with Chamillionaire, he is entitled to his opinion, but you guys really need to chill with the judging, one guy called him a “nigger” and no one, I’m sorry, ONE PERSON said how uncool that was, but no one else did, which leads me to believe thats how all of you feel for the most part. I’m disgusted.

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