Jul 29th, 2011

If you fancy yourself a music aficionado but the current crop of music players for Android just aren’t doin’ it for ya, a new challenger has entered the ring. UberMusic was just released today onto the Android Market and comes to you from the creative force behind Launcher Pro, Federico Carnales. Obviously, Mr. Carnales knows a little something about customizing and this is where UberMusic receives arguably, its biggest feature: themes. Yup, it’s possible to get 3rd party skins from the Market that will allow you to completely transform the whole UI of UberMusic, even adding custom themed widgets and an “uber” nice live wallpaper. So if you have always been into the look of say, the Zune music player (guilty!), you can finally have your cake and eat it too.

UberMusic is available right now in the Android Market for $3.50 and if you’re one of “those types” that doesn’t like paying for their apps or simply can’t because of your region, Mr. Carnales mentioned today via Twitter that a free version of the app could be in the works.

[Via Engadget and Twitter]