Jul 28th, 2011

The Logitech Revue – the first Google TV device – launched at a pricey $300. Many folks didn’t want to pay $300 for an unproven platform and their skepticism was definitely justified. We imagine market penetration was low initially as Logitech has had to continue to lower the price of their product to this very day. The Logitech Revue STB companion unit will now be just $100.

Logitech cites the price cut as a reason why they lost money in Q2, though as it stands I have yet to see the device at this price-point anywhere. You’re still getting a very serviceable Google TV device for this price, but you should know that more powerful devices are on their way and that we may see some of those devices this holiday season.

We’re not sure how the latest version of Google TV (with Android market support and Honeycomb) will run whenever it does come to the Revue, but it may be worth the money to buy, wait and see. For now, Logitech and Best Buy are still showing the device at $250 but we expect that to change there and at retailers soon. [Logitech via Electronista]

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