Google TV Receives Honeycomb – Android Market Makes a Surprise Appearance


The long awaited Android Market for Google TV may finally be making its way to a living room near you. Judging by none other than the fact that the guys from GTVHacker managed to get Honeycomb up and running on the now $99 Logitech Revue. Quite a feat in iteself, I’m sure. But lo and behold, what’s this? Well, besides the bit of urine I just leaked, it’s the Android Market right on your Google TV! But that’s not all…


GTVSource discovered today that Google TV devices are now being listed in your account Settings for the Android Market web. This is incredibly exciting stuff. Just when I thought we were going to see the last of Google TV they’re already poised to make an exciting comeback. This time, with the full power of the Android Market at its side, it may be looking to take over.

[Via GTVSource and GTVHacker]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Next time, include in the title: “Warning, you might pee a little”. That is awesome! Can’t wait to get the $99 Revue.

    1. I had to change my underpants after writing this. Twice. o_O

      1. You sellin em?…..

      2. I can’t image how it is being you.
        Changing your underpants and getting techballs is a “hard” job isn’t it?

        1. Are you…. coming on to me, Dario? O_o

          1. LOL

          2. Wait what?

      3. I keep changing my pants over and over.

    2. Does anyone know when the price drop will come?

  2. Sweet…can’t wait been waiting forever

  3. idk i can still do mostly everything on my fios box that i would need to do on a tv, ithink

  4. All we need now is the Goog+ camera huddle feature to use with the revue.

    1. that will be so sweet, google+ on my new $99 revue can’t wait.
      Honestly the price was to high for me, and i was really considering buying the revue at 250 but didn’t really see the value owing just another box, when my ps3 can do the same functions and play hardcore games

  5. This is only for revue not sony devices we do not have any sony boxes collectively for the core team

  6. Here’s the thing – I had a Revue, and it is nice. But the difference between it and other set-top boxes is that it STILL requires you to have cable service. The others don’t. For example, ROKU just asks that you have high-speed internet and you can access a lot of great channels. Google TV on the other hand just “manages” your current cable channels – “skinning” your current cable guide.

    Admittedly, the $99 pricepoint is sweet though.

    1. That’s just not true at all. I use mine with just my internet connection, no cable is plugged into it at all.

    2. I have a Revue. I don’t think you NEED a cable connection..? Either way, It’s pretty awesome. My biggest gripe is that it’s HORRIBLY underpowered. Can barely play 720p video w/out frames skipping and slow as all heck. Slap a Tegra in this baby and I’d be happy =)

      1. Absolutely wrong. I have the Sony Bluray GTV box, which is the same Intel innards, and it has played everything I’ve thrown at it. This includes 1080p h264 high profile MKV files with DTS-MA audio. While the lossless audio only gets the lossy section played, the video is played perfectly. Sadly it doesn’t play Dolby True HD for dlna movies because of the media player, but this box is capable of playing blu rays (being a blu ray player… obviously) which is no easy task. There is way more untapped power in the Revue and Sony models then most people use. Google “intel ce4100”. The hardware is even capable of decoding two 1080p streams at once.

        My Moto Xoom has a Tegra2. That thing is a joke when it comes to playing video. It can’t handle high profile video and needs software assistance to limp along playing mkv files. It’s a very sad media player, even browsing the web can be slow and choppy. I wouldn’t buy another Tegra2 device. Better off waiting to see if the next gen ones are more capable.

        You are right about not needing cable to use these units though.

  7. GoogleTv does not need cable as I stream everything without it in combination with my WDLive

  8. google needs to make thier move quick , set everything up, just right, i can’t wait for what the future holds

  9. Google TV is garbage. 4 people that I know returned theirs already including me! F U for wasting my time. I’m not a fking beta tester!

  10. wonder if anyone has worked on building cm7 for the revue??

    1. Since the kernel on the revue is signed, I don’t see a way there can be a custom built kernel.

  11. mine hasn’t updated. nothing available in system updates either… ???

  12. This really doesn’t mean much. Anything that gets the Market sideloaded onto it and makes a connection will populate an “other” entry in the Market.

  13. Noticed an update on my Sony GTV this morning but didn’t take the time to install it. Told my wife to go ahead and install, so perhaps I’ll have news to report!

    It did only say Flash improvements, though–no indication of any Honeycomb/Market deliciousness. Perhaps just a prep update?

    1. I got that one yesterday, sadly it is only a Flash update.

  14. Bought mine today! $99 at Best Buy :)

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