Sprint Samsung Within (Galaxy S II) Passes Through the FCC with 4G WiMax


Praise the Android gods! Thanks to a Phantip from one of our great readers, we came across this FCC filing for the SPH-D710 otherwise known as the Samsung Within, Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II. Judging by the extracted pic from the filing, it looks like we could have a variant of the Galaxy S II on our hands and not the actual Euro version. Judging by the placement of the camera lens/LED flash, the fact that the device has an extra 5MM on its height and is 3MM thicker, we could very well be looking at a dual-core version of AT&T’s Infuse 4G.

Also in the filing were the device’s WiMax bands so (of course) we have a 4G device on our hands. Seems like the Galaxy S II birthing pangs are finally upon us. As a brief recap of all the news lately, this same device gained WiFi certification last month, I posted only hours ago how Samsung was readying their Galaxy S II page for the U.S., and finally, Samsung mentioned the Galaxy S II will launch in the U.S. sometime in August. Let’s just hope it’s a true Galaxy S II device and not some weird Tegra 2 packing halfbreed. Thanks, Jamil!

[Via FCC]

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  1. Yayyyyy :) let it be Exynos processor please sprint !!!!

  2. My upgrade is ready and waiting for this device. My camera on my Evo no longer takes sharp pics due to broken glass; therefore, sign me up for a new phone. My hope is that the Sprint version will be easily rooted and work with all the CMod goodness.

  3. Kinda tired rumors and waiting.. half the year is over already and now I might just wail for the nexus prime or the sgs3. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll stick to my EVO for now.

    1. The Galaxy S II will actually be able to hold me over until AFTER the Nexus Prime. That’s pretty much why I want it. =)

    2. I’m with you on that. If the Prime is only a month or two away after the release of the sg2, id rather wait for the official google beast.. question is, who knows when the prime will be out =(

    3. Id like to think the SGS2 is going to be my new hotness, but to be completely honest, I am a little tired of how cheap the phone does feel (SGS1). The rear battery door is so scratched, its not even funny. Im wanting a more sturdy phone, even if it does weigh more.

      Im really wanting to snag a Google Nexus phone. Lets hope the new Nexus phone is as ground-breaking and awe-inspiring as round 1 was!

  4. gs2 with 4g…nice

  5. No NFC? Or would that chip not be in this filing?

    1. it would be in the filing. sadly it didn’t say anything about RFID.

  6. Is the slot to the bottom right of the camera the Micro SD slot?

  7. Hmmm..dual core version of infuse 4G would be amazing.

  8. Well, early sign show that the SGS2 is going to be 4G enabled in the US. Good news for Sprint. Hope this comes to VZW 4G LTE.

  9. just found out my area will be getting 4g on August 18. perfect timing.

    as long as this is the dual core exynos, im getting one on launch day for verizon

  10. Another great device for sprint. What more can be said about someone that has been KICKING INDUSTRY BUTT ALL YEAR LONG. The overall lineup is truly impressive the EVO 3D, PHOTON 4G, SAMSUNG WITHIN 4G, HTC HERO 4G all dualcore monsters on an UNLIMITED NETWORK what more can anyone ask for. I am rolling so large with this EVO 3D it should be a crime

    1. Nerd Alert, and Sprint TOOL!

    2. Wow. You must really love that copy-paste method. This is the same crap you’ve been spewing for weeks. Try coming up with something original for a change. FYI, the HTC Hero 4G has pretty much been proven to NOT be dual core. It’s dual MODE (GSM, CDMA). For a self proclaimed fanboy, you sure don’t seem to know all that much about the topic. You’re “rolling so large”? As in, fat, overweight, or plump? I wouldn’t doubt it.

    3. Kicking industry butt all year long! Yeah! Every week I read an article about how they’ve been raking in the money hand over fist and dumping it back in to expanding their “4G” constantly, and gaining tons of new customers every day! Oh wait, that’s Verizon.
      Sprint has some nice phones. “Kicking industry butt”? Hardly. Unlimited? Sure, that’s great if you live in a WiMax area, but there aren’t many relatively speaking, and I don’t remember seing the last time they expanded into new markets. We all know you like your E3D, but pull your head out of your ass. Sheesh. What a loony.

  11. Sent my EVO 3D back and restored my update. I will wait for this to be my next device. Move over Photon!

  12. If this phone really does have a 4.5″ screen its either this or the Nexus Prime

  13. You guys got it wrong. The device is 3 mm wider, NOT thicker…

  14. As soon as Sprints SGSII drops I’m buyin it!

  15. Im gonna get the phone thats newer that everybodies phone! Ooooooh top that!……..Cmon guys, this industry is so fast youre better off getting a phone with the best overall review and reliablility than the next new shiny thing.

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