Jul 27th, 2011

Praise the Android gods! Thanks to a Phantip from one of our great readers, we came across this FCC filing for the SPH-D710 otherwise known as the Samsung Within, Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II. Judging by the extracted pic from the filing, it looks like we could have a variant of the Galaxy S II on our hands and not the actual Euro version. Judging by the placement of the camera lens/LED flash, the fact that the device has an extra 5MM on its height and is 3MM thicker, we could very well be looking at a dual-core version of AT&T’s Infuse 4G.

Also in the filing were the device’s WiMax bands so (of course) we have a 4G device on our hands. Seems like the Galaxy S II birthing pangs are finally upon us. As a brief recap of all the news lately, this same device gained WiFi certification last month, I posted only hours ago how Samsung was readying their Galaxy S II page for the U.S., and finally, Samsung mentioned the Galaxy S II will launch in the U.S. sometime in August. Let’s just hope it’s a true Galaxy S II device and not some weird Tegra 2 packing halfbreed. Thanks, Jamil!

[Via FCC]

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