Samsung Galaxy S II Sign-Up Page (Almost) Live On The Samsung US Website


Well, butter my biscuits and slap me sideways. I’d say this here is a pretty good find from the guys over at DroidMatters. Apparently, when jumping on the Samsung U.S. website you can search for the Galaxy S II and from there, click on a link to be taken to the Galaxy S II page where you can register for updates. Only problem is, when you click the link, you’re taken to a broken 404 page.

Now, I’m no rocket scientist but judging by the fact that the phone hasn’t been officially announced for a single carrier here in the states and the fact that Samsung already has their place marker ready to go on their site, this could be a pretty good sign the phone’s launch is fast approaching. Makes sense too seeing how the last time we heard from Samsung, they were planning on getting their flagship released in the U.S this August. And I’ll be here refreshing this page every day until then.

[Via DroidMatters]

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  1. Two to three weeks for sure. Too many leaks in such a short period of time, although AT&T is the one with the most leaks so far. I am betting they’ll get it before everyone else.

    1. Sprint’s version has already passed the fcc.

      1. Sprint’s version JUST passed the FCC. AT&T’s version passed the FCC a month or two ago. They will be getting it first almost guaranteed, following by Sprint and then Verizon.

        Although it doesn’t really matter; they’ll release within weeks of each other and people are going to stick to the carrier of their choice anyway.

    1. Cool AND it’s the 1.4GHz version.

      1. The site contradicts itself on proc speed. It says 1.4GHz in one place and 1.2GHz in another. It is most likely 1.2GHz.

        1. Sho nuff

  2. This would be great if TMo came out of left field and said “here it is, come buy one today!”. Havent heard anything for Magenta yet =0(

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