Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Reach 5 Million Globally


Samsung is reporting that they have sold 5 million Galaxy S II handsets globally en route to an eventual 10 million, and they didn’t even have to release the phone in the US to do it. It took only 85 days to reach the milestone. The original Galaxy S had similar success when it was first released, though it took that handset a full 125 days to reach the same number sold. We’ll be interested to see how the number grows when the handset does finally hit US carriers, and August looks like the likely date for that.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Had mine for a good couple of months now, really impressed

  2. it’s a great phone – I love mine, Apple would do themselves a favour I think by announcing their next iPhone prior to the SGSII’s release in the states.. it would definitely save them a chunk of would-be sgsII buyers.

    Off topic – I wish this phone would hurry up and get a video chat client!! for stock users.. – that isn’t some shabby service like fring. Not even Skype has implemented it for android users yet! #frontfacingcamutteruseless

    1. If this is launching with 2.3.4 then we would be getting video Google Chat, right?

    2. , here you go, Skype with video calling on the SGS2, I’ve used it and it works like a charm. Enjoy

  3. I am most likely getting this phone on VZW if it is 4G LTE. If not, that leaves me 2 options prior to Nexus Prime. If this does not have something to allow for video calling, then that is a small minus.

  4. Why is Electronista reporting it at 10 million? I would sure love to believe it was 10 million!

    1. Looks like they’ve updated their site to say 5 instead of 10.

  5. Are they rocking the 1.2ghz dual core Exynos? Hopefully, Samsung decided to and not go with the Tegra 2.

    1. I agree! I want the same SGS 2 the Europeans have. If it does have the Tegra I don’t want it.

  6. By the time this damn phone hits the states I will be drooling over the new Nexus phone, which I will be getting regardless of cost. I dont see the hype anymore for this device besides Why does it take so long for it to reach us here? We’re going to get stripped down versions of the phone anyways, never the original which pisses me off.

    I will wait for the new Nexus phone, at least I know I can depend on Google to keep my device up to date. Unlike Samsung, oh and good luck to those who get it as you wont be seeing any type of update for at least 6 months after purchase. Maybe even longer.

  7. this is the revenge for not getting Amazon and free app of the day

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