DEAL ALERT: T-Mobile Offering the LG G2X For FREE Until Thursday


T-Mobile announced a few hours ago via Twitter that they will be offering the LG G2X for FREE but only from now through Thursday. Usually the way this works is only with a 2-year contract and meaning if you’re reading this, you’re probably out of luck.

Still unsure if these G2X’s will come with Android 2.3 pre-installed but either way, that’s one helluva deal. My brother owns the device and I have to say, I’ve grow particularly fond of that Nvidia dual-core Cortex A9 packing processor. So, if you like your phone fast and your Android untouched by OEM’s, you might want to jump on over to T-Mobile’s site and scoop up this great deal.

[Via T-Mobile]


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Returned My G2x To Costco Just To Get It On The Web.. Best Decision Ever

    1. yeah but with costco you get a 90 day return period and with the gs2 right around the corner i like having my options open

      1. Incorrect, You Get A 14 Day “Trial Return” Period, 90 Days Is In Case Something Happens To The Phone.. I Was Disappointed :

        1. nope your wrong…i originally bought the samsung galaxy s 4g, once the g2x came out i traded it in for the g2x which was over 2 months later. the 14 days trial period is only if you want to get out of your contract.

          1. Now I Feel My “Best Decision Ever” Is Null And Invalid :

  2. Amazing deal. How can they do this??

  3. Only on a new line… they should say that in the post.

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