Android 3.1 Now Rolling Out to Non-U.S. Motorola XOOMs


For everyone who owns a Motorola XOOM and doesn’t happen to live in the United States, you’re wait for the latest version of Android is over. Motorola issued a statement today via their Facebook page announcing the roll out, which will continue over the coming weeks until all eligible XOOM tablets have gotten their Android 3.1 fill.

Aside from all the benefits of having the latest version of Honeycomb, the update will activate SD card support, something long pined for by XOOM owners. So sit tight, you may still have a couple weeks to wait until your XOOM receives the update, but won’t it be well worth it?

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Good stuff! Been waiting for my Canadian Wifi Xoom to get this for awhile.

  2. It actually been announced on the Motorola Europe and not the Motorola Canada page…so the waiting game ain’t over! Just switch to the U.S. Rom and be done waiting!

  3. Can’t wait for my Canadian Xoom to get this!

  4. LOL So now they give SD support to devices only outside the US? Terrible. 

    I guess that’s what you get for buying fragmented half baked beta products.

  5. So are we just going to gloss over the fact they left SD support out of the US 3.1 update?

  6. If you simply look around, you will see that the US will soon get 3.2 and that will provide SD support.  Apparently this is Motorola’s frustration in waiting for Google and  going ahead and doing it on their own.

  7. If this were the Galaxy Tab. People would still start saying that Samsung can’t bring out updates since non-US devices aren’t getting it. LoL!! I wonder if the same thing is going to start happening with Motorola. Hmm…

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