AT&T Set to Get a Non-QWERTY Galaxy S II, As Well?


Fret not, AT&T users who also happen to be keyboard haters – it appears the carrier could be set to carry a Galaxy S II variant that does not have a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Android Central received a photo of said device and were told by the tipster that it is indeed Galaxy S II branded. It’s worthy to note its shape – it doesn’t look a whole lot like the Galaxy S II units in other parts of the world, and its shape doesn’t fit the universal case allegedly headed for the three biggest carriers in America. That could just be AT&T wanting to be different, but there’s no telling this soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How about this… why NOT just release the galaxy s2 as designed and conceived by Samsung??? huh? what is wrong with the international version?

    But I guess US carriers want to “fix” it.

    1. I agree with this to an extent. I think they should just get rid of the big iPhone home button and put the standard four Android buttons for America. Other than that, keep it the same across carriers.

      1. The “iPhone” Button Is Cool!
        Just Because There is A Button There Doesn’t Mean It Makes It iPhoneish
        You Don’t Call Every Car With An Engine In It A Ford Do You?

        1. No, you don’t call every car with an engine a Ford, but if a car has a blue oval on its grill you would say that it looked like a Ford. So if you don’t like Fords, then the blue oval is not appealing.

          1. Im sorry but that’s a bit stupid…. its a button damn it, looks nothing like the one on the iphone

          2. You’re in denial if you say the iPhonesque button on the GSII button doesnt liike like the one on the iPhones

            I’m glad the US carries replaced it with 4 capacitive ones

          3. So, based on your comment, I shouldn’t buy a Subaru because I don’t like Ford cars. Is that correct?

        2. My the hell are you capitalizing every word in your sentences? Don’t you feel weird hitting shift all the time?

          Or better yet:


          he i



  2. Hmmmmm…. I like the keyboard. 2 devices tho? Interesting…

  3. wow lol att gets to pick from the og euro ver, us keyboard ver, or us non keyboard ver.

  4. come on sprint i love my epic i use my qwerty mainly just to play old nintendo games but its handy at times for long messages ill never want to go all touch i enjoy physical buttons

  5. So glad to hear this. Though I really thought the phone was going to be great as-is. Not sure why they had to tinker with the shape.

  6. i wonder why does the us always has more options???i wonder if the keyboard version will like the epic where it didnt release in Europe…

  7. Im losing heart in all this GS2 talk. Nexus Prime please!

  8. Hmm, it appears that I am the only with the intellect to assume that this is the same slide-out keyboard GS2 variant but just has its keyboard slide-in.

    1. How do we even know its AT&T? Conpiracies!

    2. Front facing camera appears to be to the left of the ear speaker where on the slideout version, it is to the right.

      1. You can’t see the FFC on the keyboard one.

        1. There are multiple pictures of the one with a keyboard. In one, the FFC is clearly visible on the upper right side. On a slightly older image of it with a screen protector being peeled off, it is also visible on the right side. On the photo above, if you download it and adjust brightness/contrast (or look at it on an LCD WAYYYY off center), the FFC is in the upper left.

    3. LOL@your “intellect”. Ray Fingers is now the official owner of your “intellect” my good Sir. :-P

  9. Clearly this is the iPhone 5.

    1. HAHA thats funny Dick! You don’t mind if I call you Dick do you?

  10. Looks like AT&T is getting all the glory from Samsung. Can’t wait to see this one!

  11. Whats with all the variations? And are these gonna be coming with Tegra 2 chips or SLCD screens as rumored? Why cant they just release the same handset for every universe in the ultraverse?

  12. somehow i don’t think the qwerty one will be sgs2-series, maybe something like the droid charge, with an overclocked hummingbird?

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