Jul 21st, 2011

Ever bought a Blu-ray movie and noticed how most of them come with that “Digital Copy” for downloading to your Apple iPhone or iPod? If you just so happen to be an Android fanboy and a movie buff, you might have been feeling a little left out of the mix. Apparently, movie studios have a hard time trusting Android’s DRM system and it’s made them a little nervous when it came to publishing digital copies for our beloved OS. But don’t worry, because it looks like the tides may be changing.

Thanks in part to 20th Century Fox who (I didn’t even know this) made Unstoppable the first Hollywood release to feature Digital Copy for Android users. Now 20th Century Fox is ready to go full steam ahead and will begin releasing digital downloads for Android users this fall. Apparently, they will be using the power of Google’s Widevine DRM to control access to their films. It’s a system we’re currently being used by companies like Blockbuster in their movie app.

Fox’s digital copy service will act a little differently then with what we’re currently used to. The content wont be stored on the disc itself, but require a user to go online and download the movie from Fox’s servers. You can look forward to the first Android compatible release with the release of X-men: First Class on Blu-ray and will be available first in the US, UK, France and Germany. Hopefully other movie studios will start to catch on soon after.

How do you guys feel about this? Will this sway you to purchase more Blu-rays once other movie studios get on board?

[Via FT]