Jul 21st, 2011

Hey, guys! Feeling a bit bummed out that your phone doesn’t have some of those cool camera features found on other devices? One camera feature I know I’ve been feenin’ for was a panorama shot on my Evo 3D. You know, like that one Sony commercial featuring Taylor Swift where she captures that whole crowd of fans in one shot? (crickets).

Anyway, a friend of mine was nice enough to send me this app he got from XDA and since it worked so great on my Evo 3D, I figured I would share it with you all here. The app was made specifically for the Sony Ericsson X10 but someone was able to grab it from a system dump and port it to other devices. Like I said before, it’s working great on my Evo 3D and I know it should work for a handful of other devices so give it shot!

Installation Instructions:

  • Make sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled in your phone’s Settings>Applications before starting.
  • Download the app from my personal file sharing account: [Download Panorama App Here]
  • Once downloaded, click on the app from your notification bar and you will be prompted to install (if you cleared your notification bar, you can always find the app in your Browser’s downloads).
  • Once installed open up the app and enjoy! I know I have!

Make sure to let us know if the app works for you in the comments! Cheers.