More Hints the DROID Bionic Launch Is Around the Corner – Docks and Verizon Placeholders


As if you need even more hints that Verizon is getting ready to release the all new (and much delayed) Motorola DROID Bionic. Android Central found this car dock and desktop dock over on Amazon that not only show off a little bit of the phone’s new iPhone/Galaxy S-esque chrome bezzle but some neat accessories you can nab once the device is launched.

Oh, and this guy from DroidForums.net nabbed a quick pic of a Verizon Droid display with a mysterious “Coming Soon” stand for what could arguably be the place holder for the Bionic! I’d have to say, from what I’ve seen in the comments, the anticipation levels for this phone are definitely right up there with the U.S. release of the Galaxy S II. With all these hints, the eve of the Droid Bionic is fast approaching us.

[Via DroidForums and AndroidCentral]

Chris Chavez
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  1. ………………………………….

    1. The flaw in your theory is that this is a Droid display with Motorola written all over it.

      1. WOW good one there, I never looked at it like that.. than hell yeah Droid Bionic…..

      2. HA what an idiot! +1 to you Shecky

        1. capitals suck always chokee

    2. Unless the GS2 is gonna be a Droid phone….it wouldnt fit with the other two IMO.

  2. This phone only has 2 things holding it back from being as equally good or better than the Samsung Galaxy S II.. and that’s screen quality and camera quality. The Droid 3’s PenTile Matrix screen and subpar 8 megapixel camera should not follow onto the Droid Bionic or else there will be a lot of people just making up their mind to get the Galaxy S II instead.

    1. Doesn’t the Galaxy S II also have a 8MP rear camera as well? If the Galaxy S II isn’t 4G LTE its off my list as I have 4G LTE here where I live.

    2. U forgot cpu & gpu and its weight…

      1. To many people are specualting,,,Lets just wait and see what this device can do before saying “two things are holding it back”

  3. Good to see more things are leaking out hopefully not too much longer now.

  4. SWEET!!! Finally more info to show that a release date is close. I also got to say that if the first two pictures are truly the actual Bionic we will be receiving. Well I for one like it!

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