Android Overload: Android Phones Help Ugandan Farmers, Leaked DroidDoes Pic Was A Fake and More


Good evening, ladies and gents. I have an interesting Android Overload for you today. This is the place for the stories that, for one reason or another, couldn’t make the front page of our site but didn’t deserve to fade away into the abyss of the net. I found a few good Google related stories that I felt like sharing so be sure to check those out. Oh- and if you read our post on the “leaked” screenie of the DroidDoes website showing the Droid Bionic for $300. Well… it was a fake. G’night!

  • You can now use Gmail web to make multiple calls. Its kinda like call waiting but… better. [GoogleVoiceBlog]
  • In case you were wondering, here are 10 Android apps birthed by the now defunct, Google Labs project. [Androinica]
  • Google+ app was just released for iPhone and it quickly tops Apple’s list of free apps. Funny. [PCMag]
  • Android phones help poor farmers in Uganda. Let’s see the iPhone do THAT. [PCWorld]
  • Amazon MP3 app updated in the Market. Now includes playlists. [MarketLink]
  • Rogers will release the entry level Samsung Galaxy Q, not to be confused with the rumored 5-inch superphone also going under the same name. [MobileSyrup]
  • DROID2 Global may not be getting Gingerbread for a little while longer. [Droid-Life]
  • PopCap games will preinstall some of their games on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini and Mini Pro.
  • The Motorola DROID Pro goes to Taiwan as the XT315. [Motorola]
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  1. that’s not the droid pro, it’s the spice key or something like that…

    i would pay good money for a moto spice2 or something, omap3 or hopefully omap4, portrait qwerty slider and 3,7 inch screen (minimum, maybe 4in)

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