UPDATE: Fake – Motorola’s Leaked DroidDoes Web Page Shows Bionic for $300?


How does $300 for the revamped and much delayed Motorola Droid Bionic sound to you? Well, if this “leaked” DroidDoes webpage brought to you from our friends over at Android Central is indeed true (UPDATE: turned out to be a fake photoshopped image), you could be spending a pretty penny for this device.

Even in this pics faked poorly photoshopped glory, I don’t see how this phone won’t be priced at $300 given the superior specs over the already $300 priced Droid Charge. Once you factor in taxes + activation fees, you’re in the ballpark of around $400 just to get a taste of dual-core, 4G LTE enabled, Gingerbread lovin.’

The rest of the specs are nothing new with a 4.3-inch qHD Pentile Matrix display, 8MP camera and TI’s OMAP 4430 1GHz dual-core processor. This will definitely be the device to beat until/if the Galaxy S II is released stateside.

Rumor has it, the Droid Bionic could possibly be released on August 4th, so you wont have to wait much longer providing you have the cash to shell out for this device. As for me, I’ll have to wait until my rapping career takes off. Any Verizon ballers out there looking to pick up this device on day 1?

[Via AndroidCentral]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Puke. There’s no reason to charge this much, they’re just charging because they can.

    1. you realize that it cost about $40 to make it lte capable so the only way to profit is by making it more expensive

  2. probably getting it the day it releases unless the Samsung function has a release date by then

  3. Encrypted bootloader=no. Unencrypted bootloader=yes

    It is that simple

  4. I like the old design.

  5. what happened to 4.5 inch and tegra 2

    1. Can’t tell if you are trolling or just don’t read news…

    2. Never happend. They just changed the body style a little bit and went with the OMAP4. Better choice in my opinion =p

      1. Damn, was hoping it might have a 4460

    3. OMAP 4430 is better than Tegra 2. But I was hoping the 4.5 rumor was right.

    4. The OMAP is a bit faster than the Tegra, so that shouldn’t be a big deal.

  6. This may have fake written all over it, but one can hope this phone get’s released soon before it becomes obsolete.

  7. You can bet I will be waiting in line for this one!!!!

  8. I’m not impressed after waiting all this time , no 4.5 ~ they are shafting the public. Guess I’ll wait for the 13 mpx Diandra ~ or whatever they will call it. or wait til another ???? is affordable no 4G anyway in the remote area I live in.

  9. “qHD Pentile Matrix”


    1. You might want to actually see the display instead of just jumping on the anti bandwagon. If the screen is anything like the Droid 3 it’s a beautifully clear screen.

      1. I agree. Even still…its his opinion. And like you mentioned, everyone doesnt feel the same way.

        And there are ppl like my kids mother that are about to get a 4G phone cuz the sales guy told her to get it. I didnt ask her yet if he mentioned if the speeds were faster or told her about data plans.

        Obviously I need to ask her a few questions. I’m glad she does ask me first about some decisions. Wish she would about all…but thats a topic for another forum entirely…lol

        She’s going to T Mobile. Shes done with the Boost, Cricket scene.

      2. The Droid 3’s screen is smaller, though, so the pentile pattern is less evident. Its pretty ugly on the DX2.

    2. Yeah, I mean if your’e going to have crappy Pentile Matrix at the very least make it AMOLED. With LCD, it’s just not worth it =/

      1. Exactly right, Chris. Why release a phone with pentile qHD LCD when there’s RGB stripe panels available? The panel in the Sensation is super sharp for example.

        Having said that, the display is the biggest consumer of battery power and pentile uses significantly less power, so the battery life on this phone will probably be excellent.

        1. Yeah. Screen-on battery life on the Droid X2 is much better than the older DX.

  10. I plan to buy it if I can. Been waiting way too long for it to come out though. Was eligible at the first of April to upgrade but really wanted the Bionic. All I can say is quit playing around and bring it out already. WE ARE ALL TIRED OF WAITING!!!!!!

  11. The Charge is $300, so y wouldn’t the Bionic b as well?

    1. I just don’t like this $300 trend. I don’t think a subsidized phone should go over $250…

      1. 4g is the same price as 3g. have to make some more money some where i guess?

      2. At least the Charge came with a 32gb SD card. :-)

  12. I’ll pass and keep my bolt. Pentile no thank you. The bionic already seems somewhat outdated just like the bolt was when it was released.

  13. you do realize that 4.5 was all rumor and what is showing is still great. the phone is still a beast and LTE. the picture almost makes it look like it has a slide out keyboard.

  14. Can’t wait, gonna try and get this since I should be eligible for an upgrade the end of August. My classic Droid is on the fritz and can’t maintain signal, plus this looks like it is the best VZW will have for a while, they are always behind the curve on the latest tech.

  15. um nobody is gonna buy this piece of sh!t cause its out of date, jacked up in price, nothing new, the webstation is a epic fail. And Motorola Fu cking blows!!!!

    1. While I suspect you are a fanboi, I haven’t (yet) seen what this offers over the Evo 3d, other than “It’s Verizon!” – Similar (better?) specs for half the price.

      1. Hows that Sprint 4G network working for ya? It sure sucks in Northern CA

      2. For me, the webtop is a big deal.

      3. Verizon rules for now!!!!!

    2. I will.

    3. How can a phone be out of date that is a dual core qHD 4G LTE phone when there aren’t any on the market? Chances are the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 won’t be 4G LTE so have fun waiting until the fourth quarter of this year for something better to come out.

      1. Ok, first it was oppose to be released early feb. second its not gonna be unlocked. third it motorola!!!!!!!!!!

  16. WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!!! If the phone is 300 plus tax then just wait a week or two and then buy it online. The price will drop fast on the phone and it will be more reasonable. That is what happened to the droid 3. So just be patent and wait till official info is released.

    1. When it goes on sale, I guarantee Amazon will sell it for $100 cheaper.

  17. Hmm… This or S II?

  18. I think the old Bionic design would make a great PMP design. Droid Player or Droid Touch? please. haha

  19. This is almost the same as the atrix which came out months ago. It’s complete garbage. Postpone the phone THIS long and release THIS quality? This is absurd. After the horrible horrible specs of the Droid 3 motorola has outdone themselves with fail on this phone. This is not next gen what-so-ever. The Galaxy S2 which has been out over a month, i guarantee, crushes this pos in benchmarks. I’ll get the Nexus 3. And if it’s not offered up on verzion again, guess what Version i’m switching carriers because i’m sick of you postponing phones and releasing utter garbage.

    Very mad at this leak. If i spent $300 bucks on a turd in a box i’d get more for my money. This thing probably runs slower than my project elite droid.

  20. You know what … looking at the picture twice now… I really hope it’s 3bills and the laptop comes with it… I think that’s why they failed the Atrix… having to buy that thing separately is a huge no go.. You force consumers in to buying it if they want the “Full Experience” of the phone.. and for 450 … It better have a working glory hole somewhere as well. However for $300 getting a SUPERPHONE!!! (cue music) and Laptop on… (which better not require a tethering plan) VZW 4G network.. you can pitch that a lot better… and make it sound like the deal of the centrey for all those Die hard waiting fans and even the causual buyer looking for the BIG Deal

    1. You also have to pay for tethering to use the lapdock. Epic fail.

  21. if it has 512MB of RAM I’ll pass, otherwise I’ll be picking up this device. LTE just got turned on here in the RDU area, and my friend has a Droid Charge, LTE will be fun

  22. While I WANT, I am still uncertain about the laptop dock. I just dont like the feel of the keyboard. It seems that if you’re selling a device whose primary draw is “it’s a keyboard!”, then the keyboard should be a little better.

    I will be getting the phone, though, and probably at least one desktop dock, it not a pair of them.

  23. Anybody notice that the bottom of the phone in the pic looks like the Droids that have keyboards?

    1. Its a fake. Check out droid-life.com

      1. That’s why I said what I said. :) People seemed so excited about the announcement, but didn’t seem to catch some of the obvious things that should throw up a red flag. droid-life.com does a good job pointing out the flaws, but check out http://bit.ly/r30FfW for the rest of the story.

  24. i want sg2 instead cause of the super amoled plus display and thinnest with lte if it doesnt ill buy this then ill buy nexus prime

  25. no 4.5″ screen and most likely locked bootloader = no go for me, they really dropped the ball on this. Moto was supposed to drop the mother of all 4G phones. With all the hype behind this thing, I fell for it too, and all they do is release a subpar phone at best. And as for the screen I was in the Vz store yesterday and if you compare the Charge’s screen to the Droid 3 it wipes the floor with it hands down. I’m really disappointed with Moto I was hoping for so much more.

  26. Is the galaxy S II even going to have LTE? I doubt it. They will release a galaxy S II than galaxy S II LTE 4-6 months later to milk the customers.

  27. No sense in getting worked up over rumored specs. Wait until the official specs are released before you get down on this phone. I will wait for the reviews on this phone to come in before deciding to buy one so thanks to you who will go running out to buy this phone on day one.

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