Sonos Introduces the PLAY:3, Updates Controller App


Sonos is adding a new receiver/speaker to its lineup of WiFi HiFi products. The PLAY:3, as the name suggests, features three speakers in a compact package but packs all the punch you need to have a great listening experience. Sonos has updated their Android app to go along with it, with support for the PLAY:3 being the biggest addition. The app has also been localized with a support for a variety of languages, and the Sonos Controller can now be installed to the SD card.

We’ve had high praise for Sonos in the past, and the PLAY:3 looks like the perfect solution for those looking to get in on the action or expand their current wireless stereo system.


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  1. Meh… Was looking forward to this until I saw the price tag. I’d rather pay the extra $100 to get the s5 or play5 as it is now called.

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  3. Does it support Google Music? If it doesnt…then I don’t see the point…

    1. Not yet, I’m guessing because google music is still in beta. However it does support a lot of other music services like pandora, lastfm, spotify and many others.

    2. I am in the same boat of you but it does have something arguably better, Spotify. Spotify lets you upload your music just like Google Music. I would much rather use Google Music since the integration would be much tighter and I really hope Google buys Spotify or lauches Google Music with the same all you can eat buffet of music that Spotify has.

      Disclaimer: I am a Google Music fan and have my whole collection on it.

  4. So with this new one, you have to buy the bridge. With the slightly older S5 you didn’t have to buy the bridge. Do I have this correct? If so, why?

    1. With any Sonos installation, at least one piece of kit must be connected by a cable to your network. If you don’t want or can’t have your Play:3 plugged in to your network, you need a bridge. Same goes for the S5 or older Zone Players – as long as one is cabled or you have a bridge, the rest can be anywhere.

      1. Thanks for the reply Paul. From the video, it appeared to me that you had to have the Play3 connected via cable and also have the bridge installed. Since I don’t understand the install process very well, I just probably had it mixed up.

        1. No, you don’t have to have the Play 3 and a bridge physically connected, just one. The Play 3 has the bridge in it, either way something with a bridge needs to be hardwired.

  5. I think I am definitely getting Sonos in the next paycheck or two now, especially since they support my Spotify subscription and have an Android app!

    The Play 3 just made this a no brainer!!!

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