Coupon for $100 Off Any Tablet at Staples Could Net You an Asus Transformer for $299


You have to love a good deal, and boy is this deal from Staples good. A reader forwarded us this coupon, good through July 31st, for $100 off any tablet purchased through the retailer. Taking advantage of the savings, you can grab the Asus Eee Pad Transformer for only $299, the Motorola XOOM for $399, the Toshiba Thrive for $379, or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for as low as $399 among others. The coupon excludes the HP TouchPad, Amazon Kindle, and NOOK, but luckily only one of those three runs Android.

[via Staples | Thanks, Harvey!]

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  1. Must resist from touching credit cards -slaps hand-

  2. On my way to Staples now….

  3. Oh wow. Now’s the best time for this.

  4. Coupon is only good through 7/30 not the 31st.

  5. US has it good. I’m still waiting in UK for a semi-decent Android tablet to be released (read semi-decent as the Samsung Galaxy Tab).

  6. I don’t think the Transformer is available in store.

  7. must resist…

  8. My staples only has the Acer Iconia A500 in stock, no Transformer. :(

    1. They will apply the coupon as long as you purchase IN store. They will buy it for you online, you pay at the register and it ships to your home for free…coupon applied. I just got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 32Gb this way. Amazing deal. It’ll arrive early next week.

      1. They are out of stock on the Staples website even, so … However, I did get two transformers today as I got two separate Office Depots to do one price match a piece :). Honeycomb, here I come :)

  9. They don’t seem to carry the Asus Transformer at the store. Called two of them.

    I’m guessing these other tablets aren’t selling so well, based on price compared to the Asus Transformer. Either that or the new products are coming soon.

    I’m interested in the Asus Transformer, but using this coupon on another model might be worth it. I’m just not sure which other model tablet i’d want. Thinking maybe the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. Eh, I dunno.

  10. Great deal and would love to buy it ASUS Transformer but dont have the $$$$$$ just yet

  11. Online orders allowed?

    EDIT: Oops…read the fine print. In store only.

  12. Doesn’t it say no copies/facsimiles in the fine print?

    1. Doesn’t it also say to “print this page to redeem offer in store”?

  13. I just confirmed that you can use the coupon in-store for an item that they do not have in stock. They will order from the store and get it within 2 to 3 business days.

    1. I just did that with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 32Gb…shipping to my house for free.

  14. No store in the US has the transformer …went to one and he checked all the stores,None of them have it :(

  15. Ithink Asus just won

  16. Awww USA stores only :(

  17. I just drove almost an hour to the one store of all the stores in a 30mile radius that DOUBLE confirmed with me on the phone, “Yes sir we do have them in the store”. Only to get to the store and have the idiot tell me, “Oh, I had someone come up and ask me if we have them earlier and I said yes, but I though they meant Acer, and just were’t pronouncing it right…..” And he seemed genuinely amused by the screw up.

    I have to concur, I don’t think any Staples carries the Asus, they had plenty of the other stuff no one really wants.

    Staples website clearly says that the Asus Transformer is *Delivery Only*…meaning they don’t ever have this in the store. So you would never be able to use this coupon with this tablet because the coupon is for *in store use only*.

    This article has been false and misleading information.

    I called Staples and they don’t think they are getting the Asus Transformer any time soon in stores.

    1. If you GO to the store, they should still apply the coupon. I just got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 32Gb (which no staples stores have) and I purchased there at a register, they applied the coupon, and it is shipping to me for free. Give it a shot. As long as you GO to the store for the purchase, that’s all that matters.

  19. I got my Transformer on friday from BB and used price match to get 100 off! There is also a half off the buy back program promotion. This coupon saved me 125.00!

    1. Are you talking about BestBuy? They have a price matching program? I didn’t know this. Is this only for local stores and/or online retailers?

      1. It’s listed at the bottom of the website if you want the details. They will only match competitors in store prices i think.

        1. They will Price Match a coupon?

          1. Yes, the policy does not exclude coupons as long as they are used in store. You should be able to show bb the coupon and show what Staples charges for the device.

    2. I was on the phone with the local best buy for 20 minutes and the managers on duty said they would not price match. Any ideas of what to do from here?

      1. I had already purchased my TF on Friday so i had to call their 800 number. There wasn’t one bit of fighting from their end. I actually had then find the coupon through this site, and follow the Staples link.

      2. My local BB didn’t take the coupon, and I did talk with the store manager. I wish you luck. (got mine from another Staples in town. Sometimes it’s nice living in DC ;)

  20. Man, I just came to the site to confirm a possible 10.1 purchase. Now I’m sold. The local (and 3 blocks away) Staples seems to have them in stock. Looks like I may be dropping some dough today. Hopefully, the take the printed coupon.

  21. You can all use this coupon at Best Buy as part of their Price Matching program. So YES you can get a transformer!

    1. My best buy refused to match it because it was a special offer. So I went to Office Depot, and here I am messing around with my new Transformer. Love it.

  22. bought all three of them from our local staples :)

    1. where?

  23. Anyone know If Best Buy will match this, I have a best buy card and was thinking about getting my girl a galaxy tab 10.1 for her birthday this week anyways.


    2. Just got back from Staples (out of stock) and BB to get a 10.1. They said they couldn’t match the coupon. Looks like other BBs will do it (as per comments above). Wish you luck! Would call ahead though.

  24. All of you that claim you used the coupon at BB…tell us which store?
    Local BB says, not true.

  25. Best Buy will match if your locate Staple have the tablet in stock. I purchased my Galaxy Tab 10.1 a week ago and I just called Best Buy to match. They called Staples to confirm the coupon and inventory, I’m getting $100 credit.

  26. Best Buy will only price match if you have a Staples store within 25 miles of that store. Unfortunately there are no Staples stores in my area within 80 miles. :(

  27. The Galaxy Tab in stock at most Staples is the 16GB one. If you’re looking for 32GB, they’re mostly out of stock – in fact, no where within 200 miles of me – so the BB price match would be for the 16GB one.

  28. Too bad no Staples carries the Transformer. About to drive a half hour to a BB that says they MIGHT take the coupon.

  29. I can’t believe staples’ cost is that low. They must be 1. losing money on it 2. they did it intentionally knowing people will use it in bb.

  30. Office Depot will match this for you. These articles are so poorly researched on every Android site today, as no Staples carry the Asus. Print it out and go to a local Office Depot, I’ve had two matched today for the Asus.

    1. Office Depot told me they would only match it for models that Staples had in stock in stores which did not include the Asus (they had already researched it–probably because people have already been trying to use the coupon). In fact, they pretty much narrowed my options to the Acer (the only honeycomb tablet that they would take the coupon for).

  31. Why don’t all of you guys dying for a transformer just use it on the iconia? Aren’t these two tablets almost the same? if anything, isn’t the iconia BETTER since it has a full size USB port??

    1. Screen is supposedly better (haven’t seen one in person), ability to dock it to a kb, $50 cheaper, already has dev. support. Given that, I went with the Sammy!

    2. I was tempted, but looking at them in the store, the Acer is noticeably more bulky and heavier.

  32. Best Buy Price Match Guarantee :-(
    I am very sad!

    The Guarantee does not apply to: Our competitors’ website prices, offers that include financing, bundling of items, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, competitors’ service prices, items that are advertised as limited-quantity, out of stock, open-box, clearance, refurbished/used items, Midnight Sale and special hour sale events, Outlet Center and Marketplace items, and items for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving.

    1. Just used the coupon at my local Office Depot Store. It worked like a charm.
      515 East Altamonte Drive #16
      Altamote Springs, FL 32701
      Across from Altamonte Mall
      Store# 30
      (407) 830-6100

      This is my second Android device I get Cheap thanks to you guys.

      1. FYI
        The Office Depot 2yr guarantee is about $99 w/ damage protection for the 16G tablet. What I think was cool was that with the warranty, besides what it covers it also includes a 1 time battery replacement when ever you want it. :-0

  33. FYI…no staples have ASUS Transformer (see on-line only comment). I also tried BB for price match, and they said they don’t match coupons. Might just be this one, but sometimes if it sounds too good to be true…

    I pulled the trigger and bought it full price anyway. Have to save up a bit for the keyboard now though :(

  34. I went to a Staples, they told me I can order it online through the Staples website, since they had none in stock. I go online and their completely out, they said I can order it through the store and do it that way i’m going to try it tomorrow

  35. These coupons from the website Printapon get sent to your browser automatically and you just copy and paste in the shopping cart. Easy to use and its free. Check out.

  36. Staples in Gilbert AZ does not have an Asus Transformer in store. I went to Best Buy in Gilbert AZ and they matched the coupon! I got an Asus Transformer 16GB for $300!

  37. I went to Office Depot and they have the ASUS Transformer in stock, plus they honored the Staples coupon!

  38. I went to Office Depot and they have the ASUS Transformer in stock, plus they honered the Staples coupon!

  39. Staples in Gilbert AZ does not have an Asus Transformer in store. I went to Best Buy in Gilbert AZ and they matched the coupon! I got an Asus Transformer 16GB for $300!

  40. Well, Best Buy would not price match this, I just tried. They told me no matter what I said or showed them, there was no way they would sell me a tablet for $100 off.
    Bitches. I went to staples… they did not have 32gb in store though the site said they did, and when I touched the display model a ear shattering siren went off, and the employees did not know how to turn it off, so I left with no tablet.

  41. So I got two Transformers today at 300 a piece. Two separate Office Depots in Tucson AZ (both on Broadway) price matched one each. They were both screw ups on the part of the store clerks that I spoke with though and was later told the price was only being honored because of the incorrect information I was given over the phone. I had to fight for the second one for like 45 minutes haha. They actually have a flyer telling them to only price match the Acer Iconia and the Blackberry Playbook.

    Best buy would not honor in store or over the phone. They told me that they can’t price match on coupons even though their price match guarantee doesn’t even contain the word “coupon” within. Best Buy fails on this one. Office Depot, better since they decided to honor it in light of the screw up. No solid advice for others on how to get one but wanted to spread the info I had.

    1. Greg, Congratulations :)
      When I went to my local OfficeDepot(see Don Kuthulu post in this page) and asked if they would price match staples and handed him my coupon, the employee asked store manager if they were still honoring the staples coupon. The answer was yes. I assume I was not the first person at that store with the coupon. Anyways good luck to everyone else trying.

  42. neither best buy nor office depot would price match, and staples is all out of the asus transfomer, even online orders :(

  43. The staples near me is completely sold out of everything. Office Depot got an e-mail yesterday morning from corporate to only honor the coupon for the acer and blackberry tablets (The only ones OD and Staples have in common)

  44. Pulled the trigger on a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Had to call all Staples stores in my area (North Phoenix) and most of them did not have any despite Staple’s website saying they did. Finally a very nice guy at the I-17 & Carefree Hwy stated that they had a few shipped to them in a mistake and that he would sell me one no problem. At the store there were none in display so I had to ask for that guy and everything went smooth afterwards. Thank you phandroid and nice guy at Staples!

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