HSPA+ 42Mbps Handsets Coming to T-Mobile from Samsung, HTC, LG


With T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network now firing on its 42Mbps cylinders, it’s due time for a few compatible smartphones to launch. We’ve already caught a glance from the Huawei Sonic, and a report from DigiTimes says more devices are on the way. HTC, LG, and Samsung are all expected to deliver 42Mbps-capable handsets during the second half of 2011.

Little is known about specific devices, but rumors have it that one will be the Samsung Hercules, a variant of the 4.5-inch Infuse 4G from AT&T. The phone will feature largely the same specs, though a bump to a dual-core CPU is possible.

[via DigiTimes]

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  1. the thing is, even the supposedly 14 – 28 mbps only deliver real world speeds of 5-8 mbps. What makes you think that because a handset is capable of 42mbps the t-mobile network can actually deliver those speeds?

    1. It’s a marketing gimmick :) Make people think it’s faster and they will buy the latest and greatest. All carriers do this though even up here in canada

    2. Not true, I was in NYC with a friend who had a G2 not long ago. She was getting 22+ Mbps on mobilespeedtest.com. The G2 is pretty fast all around, especially with the HSPA+ in force!!!

  2. With all these data caps, people with 42 Mbps speeds on their phones are going to get fucked very hard with o charges once they pass their limit.

    1. T-Mobile does not charge extra once you reach your limit. They throttle your data down to 2g speeds basically

  3. I gave your mom 17″ of myself last night.

  4. Is the Sensation not HSPA+? I am due for a full upgrade. What do I do? Wait for the Hercules? Go with the Sensation?

    1. Dude GREAT question. I swear they advertised the Sensation as 4g/HSPA+ so WTF?!?!?! If the Sensation can’t pull 42mbps I say wait for the next HTC phone to hit TMO, HTC+TMO+Android=AWESOME!!!

      1. The Sensation is 4G, but on 21mbps, instead of the newly upgraded 42Mbps.

        1. Actually, the sensation is only capable of 14 mbps :(. I say wait for the Hercules

  5. Boycotting LG phones. The others are nice though.


  7. Damn with the dual-core CPU that Hercules might as well be considered an SII variant right? I mean the Infuse has the Samoled+ right? Just a small size increase.

    1. Different hardware, screensize, and dual-band radio (PCS&AWS). It doesn’t really have anything in common with the SII. It’s the same dimensions as an Infuse 4g, so I would think of it more as the Infuse 4g II

      1. Ummmm, it has way more in common with SGII then the infuse. Dual Core, SAmoled +, NFC, Camera, etc.

        1. It has almost nothing in common with the SII. Different processor (which is clocked higher and from a different manufacturer), different radio (ie supports T-mobile and AT&T), faster downloads, way different screen ratio and phone size, no HDMI port, and different battery. It has way more different than in common.

          It has the Infuse’s body size, so that is why I am saying it is the second generation of it (new hardware), rather than a variant of the SGII (which it isn’t because it is a new phone rather than a tiny variant).

          1. 1.Youre using different radios as an example? So does that mean Verizon or Spring wont be getting one either because they use cdma? Lol stfu.

            2. Regarding processors, it may or may not have exynos, but Sammy DID say they would release some Galaxy S II’s with different processor, ie tegra 2.

            3.” faster downloads”…… Excuse me, but shut the fuck up. You don’t know the download speeds on the Herc so close your mouth. The herc may be faster with the 42mbps chip compared to the 3G models in Europe.

            4. “no HDMI port”. Wrong again. It will have HDMI out via MHL like the Galaxy SII in Europe

            5.”different battery” Again, shut the fuck up. How do you know this when it hasnt even been released and there are no leaked photos. The Spriont version may have a different battery than the Verizon version, nobody knows

            Only thing in common with the Infuse is the 4.5 inch screen and the dimensions, which is close to the GSII

  8. Nice, now if T-Mobile would only get the majority of their network that is STILL GPRS and EDGE upgraded to 3G and 4G, they might have something.

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