Toshiba Thrive Not Waking from Sleep, Fix on the Way


In the race to get Android smartphones and tablets out of the factory and onto store shelves, it seems more and more devices are showing up in consumer hands with major bugs and glitches unaddressed. The latest is the Toshiba Thrive, which has only been street legal for a few weeks now. Users have discovered a glaring issue that see the Thrive not waking from sleep mode, often requiring a hard reset in order to return the tablet to a functional state. A thread over at Toshiba’s support forums is growing by the hour and catching the manufacturer’s attention. Toshiba has acknowledged the issue promises a fix is on the way.

The problem doesn’t exactly stir up consumer confidence in Toshiba, whose first Android tablet, the Folio 100, was pulled from shelves due to high return rates. Toshiba would do well to not sleep on the opportunity to make right with Thrive owners and get an update out sooner rather than later.

[via PCWorld]

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  1. My Xoom doesn’t do that :D

  2. Bummmmmer. I actually looked at getting one of these. Hmmmm. maybe not.

  3. neither does my xoom ;) …btw thrive users try hive player while you wait for the update…free and paid scrollable widget support for music navigation

  4. I have had mine for two week. No issues.

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