T-Mobile’s After Hours Sale: HTC Sensation 4G FREE for New Customers


T-Mobile is at it again with their After Hours Sale this time offering up a FREE HTC Sensation 4G. Keep in mind the offer is only good for new customers and only available online. Better hurry! Deal is only good until 3AM PT.

[Via T-Mobile]

Chris Chavez
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  1. my next phone wont be HTC’s. I want a phone at least dont require me to carrying a charger. GS2!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tell me about it…I got the sensation saturday and so far the best battery life i’ve had is 8 hours…i’m on my 5th charge cycle…

      Oh wells i’m going to upgrade in 6months anyways. Can’t wait for CM7 on this.

      1. I carry around a 6ft long extension cable and multiple batteries for my Evo 3D =/

  2. I love the Printapon website. It is so convenient and easy to use. It’s coupons are great and there are sooo many. 5 stars all the way.

    1. What are you talking about? Don’t make me get out my ban-hammer….. o_O

    2. Yeah obvious Spam here

    3. shut up spammer! go back to your spam hole

  3. I went to “add a line” and it said the HTC sensation is free and right as i hit the las button to confirm my order it said that they ran into a problem and i have to call them when they open. I was signed into my tmobile account at the time, obviously, and i put in order well before the 3 am PT deadline so they better not try to give me any grudd

    1. did you not read that is says only for new coustomers?

  4. Great… i just paid $300 for mine. Wonderful.

  5. I am not losing any sleep over a phone with a crappy carrier. What’s up with the time restriction??…Got a SGS2, and love it.

    1. Who is your carrier ? .. Tell me about your 3G and 4G speeds on your new SGS2..

  6. I wish I could see these things when they are actually happening instead of after the fact. I really want a sensation and if I could get it free that would be even better so I am kinda holding out until I can catch one free on someone’s site. I wish I could sign up for an alert of when Tmo puts it up for free.

  7. These after-hours sales are f*cking annoying, and damn near impossible to keep up with. I hate you T-Mobile online.

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