Jul 19th, 2011

Exclusive gaming app-markets like Nvidia’s Tegra Zone or Qualcomm’s upcoming Game Pack App Store seem to be a new trend in Android. And we’re all pretty used to all-you-can-eat subscription based services like Netflix for movies, Spotify for music but what if you were to combine those two ideas into one? What would you end up with? Well, it would probably be something similar to what New York City based Exent has in mind.

Exent is hoping customers will catch on to the idea of their new subscription based gaming market called GameTanium Mobile for Android. This service is built off their existing subscription service for online PC games and gives unlimited access to their library of over 75 hand picked Android games, all for $5 a month. No more downloading games and paying for them ala carte. Their whole game library would be yours to access and play to your heart’s content.

As a self-proclaimed “gamer,” I was a little wary about this new service and how it would work for me. But if you think about it, mobile games are becoming more in depth (Battleheart, Inotia 3, etc.) and many Android users are devoting countless hours to these games and they’re using more than one device whether it be a smartphone, PC and/or a tablet. Exent’s GameTanium offers the ability to take your save data with you, no matter which device you’re using. This feature alone seems like one of the key selling points for Android gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

Still not sold? Well, maybe the possibility of playing games from Extent’s current partners like Ubisoft and Popcap may sway you. Exent hopes to build on their existing library and have over 200 games available by year’s end. Not too shabby.

I’m still not sure how well a subscription based gaming market will catch on for the masses but if they can get some triple “A” Android titles in there, I think it might have a shot. How about you guys? How does $5 a month for unlimited Android/tablet/PC gaming sound to you?

[Via GameTanium]