HTC Kingdom to be Rebranded as the Hero 4G for Sprint


According to Pocketnow, the HTC Kingdom that first appeared in a ROM leaked by 911Sniper a few months back, just might be Sprint’s sequel to the Hero (the first Sense device to hit stateside). The biggest piece of evidence seems to be a DLNA certificate for the a device with that same name. Also, were numerous photo’s posted to photo sharing sites outing the Hero 4G title. Thanks to a tipster, I’ve actually known the HTC Kingdom has been in testing for the past few months now but the official name wasn’t revealed.

Given the fact the Hero 4G recently made its way past the FCC and leaked accessories have been popping up on Amazon, I would imagine we’d see this device launch before summers end. This might be the perfect device for HTC lovers on Sprint who were maybe turned off by the Evo 3D’s glorious dual-camera and glasses free 3D display (could be a little too much for some to handle). I would also assume pricing would be somewhere around $50 cheaper than HTC’s current Sprint offering.

What do you guys think? Could this be the device for you? All the power of the Evo 3D minus the “gimmick?” Let’s hope HTC has learned from their past mistakes and this device launches with an unlocked bootloader.

[Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. too much for some too handle? maybe some people don’t want gimmicky bullshit.

    1. They said the same thing about front facing cameras…. *smh*

      1. and they still are. ffc are stupid.

        1. Yet everyone wants one…

          1. Yeah because all the cool people with friends have them.

          2. LOL! #Zing

          3. 38.38% of people on Phandroid must not have many friends, LOL. The main use for mine is using the Visidon app.

          4. and the other 62% do, so thank you for further proving my point

      2. Amen! That’s a really good point!

  2. This looks like it could be a nice device if it comes with a giant battery.

    I think this will be the phone that XDA devs choose over the Evo 3D

    1. Why the heck any one dev for this over the EVO 3D? That’s even more than the precious Sensation. The fact is the 3D still proves to be HTC’s most powerful device to date even besting the Sensation. And for those who don’t like 3D, there is TOGGLE switch where you NEVER HAVE TO USE 3D EVER.

      It’s still the best phone HTC makes available in the US and this Hero 4G will be its little baby brother. The only advantage this new device has over the 3D is it’s GSM roaming capabilities, which could be a deal-maker for some.

      And there is PLENTY of activity in the XDA dev forums, over 5,600 posts in the E3D Dev forum right now for a device that is less than a month old and doesn’t have a permanently unlocked boot-loader (yet!).

      1. because the evo 3d is going to be very hard to get AOSP rolling on do the the dual cameras and 3d visualization.
        It’s pretty much a guarantee that Cyanogen will not develop for the 3D. Once Cyanogen passes, so will other developers.

        1. Epic facepalm

  3. Seems like a decent device, wouldn’t be for me tho… If it was a whole inch bigger i would be all over it.

    1. Thats what she said

  4. Give it a keyboard and I’ll ditch the Shift for it. :3

  5. Id take this over the 3d anyday. I have the OG Evo and was waiting for its sequel and the 3d was a disappointment.

    I want a nice 2d camera with a decent cmos and shutter speed. The 3d is cool as a gimmick but ive read that the 2d pics quality suffers

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