Dolphin Browser HD Updated to Version 6.0 – Introduces New Webzine Feature


Popular web browsing app, Dolphin Browser HD was updated to version 6.0 today. Along with their current box of tricks the updated version adds a new Webzine feature. The Webzine feature allows for a user to display web pages as a series of thumbnail images using a webpage’s RSS feed. The user can then scroll through the pages by tapping on a thumbnail image and opening that specific web page. Its kind of a fun way of browsing through web pages than your typically boring RSS feed.

Of course, Dolphin Browser is already known for the awesome add-ons much like “Extensions” on Google Chrome for your desktop of Firefox’s “Add-ons.” Not to mention using their Gestures feature for launching your favorite bookmarks makes this one of the most full featured web browsing applications in the Market.

Updated changelog includes:

  • Change into new logo
  • Known issue: if the logo doesn’t change into new one after updating, please create a new shortcut to desktop.
  • Webzine integrated
  • Bring out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before.
  • Bug fixed:
  • 1.Fixed crash problem on Asus Transformer & Xoom
  • 2.Fixed Google image issue
  • Fixed some other random crashes

Dolphin Browser HD is compatible for Android devices 2.0.1 and up. If you want to give it a spin, the Market link is provided below.

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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Update: Samsung Function Was a MisIdentified Motorola Xoom

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  1. Don’t you mean “popular web browesing app”?

    Anyways, great app.

    1. No………………………? Browsing works. o_O

      1. Tip: Look at the picture of the article ;)

  2. I don’t get it…”Browesing”?

  3. I find on low end phones you need to use the stock internet app. Otherwise it slows down your phone a lot.

  4. Thank you for covering this for us. We will make our product better and better.

    -Dolphin Browser

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