HTC Finally Releases Source Code for Incredible S, Desire Z and Flyer


Earlier today we reported how there was another campaign launched against HTC on their Facebook page where users have been demanding the source code for many of HTC’s recent releases like the EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO Shift, Sensation, and Incredible 2. Perhaps HTC was feeling the heat because it looks like they might be cooperating with the Open GPL requirements — sorta.

HTC has finally making these resources available for developers by releasing the kernel source code for some of their older devices like the Incredible S, Desire Z, and in an unexpected turn of events, the Flyer. While this is sure to appease some of the angry mob posted outside of HTC’s Facebook page, others are sure to keep spamming until they get what they want.

Now that the source code is available for these devices what does it mean to you as a user? Well, take the Flyer source code for instance. This means it’s possible for the ROM or “OS” on that device to be ported over to other devices like the Evo 3D (once we get that bootloader unlocked) or possibly even the Nook Color. Pretty neat, eh?

So, while this is a big deal for folks within the Android modding community with our hacked up, rooted devices, the “rest of you” well- as you were.

[Via Android Central]

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  1. wow, thats so believable. no one can tell its spam.

  2. Hmm… And people still keep going on about how HTC is so great. Seeing as how fast the HTC G2 got it’s 2.3 update. *plotting* You know, the phone that’s “stock” Android and the successor to the first android phone. Hmm… But root answer’s all my firmware problems. Samsung needs to make it through this case thing.

    P.S. I’m not complaining about updating, pointing out things, like you all do with Samsung instead of saying root.

    Anyways, does this mean I can get a “real” Sense ROM and not some unusuable ROM from the Desire Z ported to the G2? Because those Sense ROM sux!! I’m sorry, I tried them, and I cannot use those ROMs for daily purposes. I tried and all that lag said no. LoL!!

    1. Oh it is T-mobile fault. The Desire Z is getting an update in the coming month.

      1. LoL!! I should have known. That’s why I root. LoL!! No update? No problem.
        US carriers are probably realizing this, so they’re probably saving money
        having consumers get their own updates. LoL!!

    2. I hope you realize the Desire Z and the G2 are exactly the same phone, with different firmware. So firmware ported from the G2 works just fine on it.

      1. Good that’s good news. Apparently there’s a Desire Z port right now, but
        that one sux. Hopefully with the source codes coming out things will her
        better. I’m not to sure how these source codes help, but as long as they do.

    3. try MikG 2.4 before you go around saying sense sux and all that bullshit. MikG is one of the best roms out for the evo 4g and it is 100% stable with 100% functional htc hub with sense 2.1 and some 3.0. dude you really are a jackass that knows nothing. delete your post cause you sound like a little bitch

      1. Hmm… You just twisted my words up like a news reporter. I said I tried Sense ROMs. I guess I had to add I didn’t try EVERY Sense ROM known to mankind. I guess that’s because I have the G2 and not every ROM is available on every phone.

        Also I said I tried the ROMs and didn’t like them, so I think I’m in a more better position to say I didn’t like the ROMs.

        Oh, but I do feel like an idiot since I didn’t try this “EVO ROM” on my G2. -_-
        Ok, let me go put this “EVO ROM” on my G2, so I can have a bricked phone.
        Quick to say someone doesn’t know anything.

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