LG Revolution Drops to $199, Becomes Verizon’s Lowest-Priced 4G LTE Handset


You have to feel a bit sorry for the LG Revolution. Unlike it’s name implies, it didn’t quite revolutionize Verizon’s 4G LTE lineup, coming in after the the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid Charge and with the Droid Bionic looming over the horizon. It hasn’t been helped much by so-so specs and LG’s clunky custom user interface. For these reasons it comes as no surprise that Verizon has dropped the Revolution to $199, making it the network’s lowest-priced LTE handset. The new price still probably won’t be enough to start a revolution, but it may help Big Red move a few more units off shelves. Anyone biting at the new price?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Thunderbolt sold alot because it was the first, Droid charge had better battery life, and super amoled+ display, and LG revolution was kinda the oddball well at least it had netflix preinstalled. Now it can actually sell some by being the cheapest.

    1. It probably still wont sell many I mean when people go in and look most who dont know would go for something that pops the most(charge) or has the kickstand(tb) yeah I know it sounds dumb but most non-techie people dont go for specs and it wasnt getting the best reviews either.

  2. Not to mention that the Revolution was Binged. Bing will turn me off of any phone real fast.

  3. This is still on 2.2. Many LG phones are still on Froyo. G2X is still waiting for Gingerbread to fix many bugs. They have no clue about Gingerbread.

    1. It’s sad lg used to be the phone manufacturer of choice for non smart phones. Guess they just didnt get the hang of how to make a smartphone yet.

  4. i believe they are launching the lg pro or whatever they are calling it with gingerbread. I dont “hate” or wish bad on anyonne but after what they did to me and many others with the G2x, i certainly wont mind if they have a tough time selling this phone. my colleaque has the optimus one on verizon and it sucks too. i hope they are not making the nexus 3.

  5. NO sir i dont think this strategy is going to working, i’ve been holding on to my DX for the hopes of a dual core LTE phone with more then 512MB of memory. Weather its the bionic or something else. Why Verizon will release such weak 4G phones is beyond me when other carriers have phones like the EVO 3D

  6. The LG Revo has been rooted, clockworked, and was completely unlocked out of the box. It has a de-binged ROM available and for a single core scores pretty high in quadrant. This really is a great phone with massive development potential,

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