Android + Bluetooth + R/C Car = Awesome


Our Android smartphones are powerful devices capable of performing all sorts of tasks from managing our wealth to keeping important dates. Oh, they also make calls, let us message our friends, and keep us in touch with our social networks. That’s all good, but despite all the ways our phones help us be more productive, we really just want to use the things as fancy, expensive toys for our inner children. Enter BlueDrone, a Kickstarter concept that turns your handset into the controller for an R/C car.

As the name implies, the whole thing works over Bluetooth with the shots being called from an app on your Android phone. On-screen controls provide the ability to throttle and turn, or you can use your phone’s accelerometer to steer. The only major drawback is a limited 30-foot range thanks to the aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity, but it does provide quick, precise control of the R/C drone. You can’t get your mitts on one yet, but If it looks like something you must have, you can have a hand in getting it off the ground. The price to secure your own awesome Android R/C car starts around $60.

[via Kickstarter]

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  1. Backed! And the first backer to boot!

  2. I have to get one!! This will really make my day.

  3. Hmm… the motion control would be a novelty I guess, but I think I’d rather just use a regular R/C controller

  4. it’d be cooler with a mini camera on the car that showed the video on your phone.

  5. lame. OH WAIT. Motion control! NICE!

  6. done and done. i work in a garage and this would be great for killing boredom LOL. i can tape oil filters to it and send them across the shop :)

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