Best Buy Selling the Motorola Triumph a Bit Early in Stores


While this phone’s not set to come out until July 20th, some folks on Reddit have reported being able to waltz into the big yellow ticket store and buy the Motorola Triumph early. It’ll run you $300, but that’s a great price for a device with a 1GHz processor and stock Android. See if you can be as lucky to get this thing a couple days earlier than the rest of the pack.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Not surprising, but it’ll be cool to see if someone can get roms on this.

  2. I wish all the phone manufacturers offered a customization free ROM for all their phones…

  3. I picked mine up on 7/17 and have not been able to activate it yet. VM rep says that it will not be able to be activated until the 20th and no number porting until the 21st. I’m not even worried about grandfathering my plan (rate increase on the 20th). I just want to use my damn phone that I threw $300 down on.

    1. I was told the exact same thing – no cell access until the 20th. Been using it as a wifi only device for now, getting my apps setup, etc.
      ROM’s would be a plus. I don’t know how fast VM is with the Android updates.

  4. Might I also add that some people have already had theirs activated. Checking out reddit and androidforums.com shows that it’s about a 50/50 split on who has had theirs activated and who has been told that they have to wait. Somebody screwed up royally. Not sure if it was the retailers or virgin mobile.

  5. Oh my God, you linked to my thread! I feel famous.

  6. I just walked into Best Buy and they already have them on the shelf, it’s a bad ass phone. Best Buy is selling them now but you can’t activate it with Virgin Mobile until tomorrow because technically the release date isn’t until tomorrow.

  7. How well does Virgin work compared to Sprint?

  8. I’ve had my Triumph activated since Friday. Happened to call BB and was stunned when they said they had some in stock. Immediately canceled my on-line preorder. Called VM and had them switch me from T-Mobile. T-Mobile quit in about 30 minutes but no VM phone. Called in and they asked if I had a Triumph, I said yes, they said I had to wait. I told them fine but get my T-Mobile back. Had VM working within an hour.

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