Yongzh’s Emulators Now Free at SlideMe, Get Them Before Two Weeks’ Time


We understand Google’s need to take Yongzh’s popular game emulators off the Android market. They have since moved to SlideMe and, through the good graces of whatever higher being you believe in, made the applications free… for the most part. The N64 emulator will still run you $4, but we can’t imagine many of you are playing that anyway – just too many damn buttons! But if you’re interested in the others and want to give them a go on your phone (hint hint, Xperia PLAY owners), head over to SlideMe now. Note: this promotion is only running for two weeks, so you may want to jump on this as soon as possible. Yongzh states he’s doing this to make paid customers from the Android market happy who have paid for the apps before Google removed them from the market. [Reddit]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Im wondering If I’ll have to pay for the N64 one again..

  2. Thank you Yongzh!

  3. Oops. Didnt mean to double post.

    Sorry guys. But they have been “free”since the end of May.

    I don’t think he has updated any of them since he uploaded them. I think yongzh has forgotten about them.

  4. Sorry to tell you guys. But these have been free since the end of May. I don’t think that Yongzh has updated any of them either. They seem forgotten.

    1. Yeah I grabbed them a couple of months ago when he said they were going to be free for only 2 weeks.

  5. I beat Metroid Fusion yesterday with the Gameboid Emulator yesterday, really smooth on my Xperia Play.

  6. LoL!! Or Wii kan konnect our Wii Motes and play the 64 Emulators. Heh heh…

    Or we kan use our QWERTY phones, like the G2, on the 64 Emulator. Heh heh…

    Think outside the phone. :P

    *EDIT* Apparently there is an update for the N64 Emu. But you have to buy it. I already bought it when it was in the Android Market. -.-
    I think I might go online for this. I mean, it’s legit since I paid for it already, right? Hmm…

    1. Whats with using all the K’s for C’s? You been playing Mortal Kombat all day?

  7. Those emulators are cool but I have a really hard time with these onscreen controls.

  8. this guy is a bit of a dick, illegally selling the work of free software devs without giving any recognition, or, more importantly, publishing his changes to the source code.

    edit: actually just had a look, source code has been published to some items. maybe not so bad?

  9. I cant seem to find an rom apps anymore any suggestions of where to get one?

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