Sprint Increasing Insurance Prices, Extending Upgrade Overrides for Silver Customers Who Would Have Been Eligible Through July


Some goods out of Sprint courtesy of the folks at Android Central have just been spilled onto the table. In Sprint’s latest Playbook, they reveal a lot of forthcoming changes. Some good, some bad, but changes nonetheless. First of all, ERP and TEP (insurance, if you didn’t catch it) will go from $4 to $5 and from $7 to $8, respectively. An extra dollar never hurt anyone, no?

Secondly, mail-in rebates are back. Unfortunate, but you had to expect it would end at some point. There are still many places to go to avoid rebates, anyway.

Finally, Silver customers who would have been eligible for an upgrade by July 31st can call customer service and get their upgrade back. Before, it was only available for those who would have been eligible by June.

Sprint customer representatives are told to be proactive in educating their eligible subscribers on the upgrade and to override the system to afford them their last yearly upgrade (that’s unless they’re now Gold customers, of course). Go ahead and give customer service a call at your earliest convenience. [Android Central]

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  1. WTF does TEP,ERP and this article mean? Sorry I’m only 2 years old.

    1. yeah, the headline should have just said ‘insurance’.

  2. total equipment protection and i think equipment repalcement plan or protection its wouldve have been simpler to say insurance

    1. LOL! Man and I use to work for Sprint but it has been 5 years.. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. As a Sprint customer, this article is confusing as hell.

  4. TEP refers to getting your phone fixed at a store or service center . . . ERP refers to getting it replaced in case of it getting broken or stolen. my dumb luck, i’ve already used all the ERP possible for the year :-(

  5. ERP, TEP rates increases????…Where is Dan Hess? Damn those mail in rebates!!!

    1. Meh, there’s always Radio Shack

  6. Yea, maybe it would have been better to just say insurance. I figured Sprint users would know these terms, but meh.

  7. What they SHOULD be doing is giving an early upgrade to everyone that signed a contract BEFORE they changed their policies this year. I signed in October, and am screwed. If they don’t give it to me I’ll just pay the ETA and go somewhere else. Driving cross country sucked with Sprint coverage anyway.

  8. Can someone explain the upgrade thing to me? If I recently got the EVO 3D? Can I ask them to reset my upgrade? I thnk Im a silver member, been with them 7 years. Thanks

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