Spotify is Officially Available in the United States


The day has finally come, folks – that sweet, sweet music service that was only once available to our friends ‘cross the pond is now available in the United States. I’m talking about Spotify, of course. To start, you’ll need an invitation code to join the service for free, but getting Premium or Unlimited packages will allow you to get started on your own. Here’s a quick breakdown of all three plans:

You should note that free accounts can only listen to 10 hours of music per month. If you’re a heavy listener, you might want to consider ponying up for at least premium service. For us Android folks, anyone who wants to use it on their mobile must pay for the Unlimited plan.

It’s unfortunate, but those are the breaks for a (seemingly) premier music streaming service. We have not had a chance to use Spotify before today, of course, so we can’t say it’s worth it. But if everything we hear is true, it certainly will be. Head over there now to get started. [Spotify]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’ve got some invites, leave a reply (with your email) ;)

      1. you rock thanks. Signing up now.

        1. Cheers in advance. [email protected]

          1. when u get one can u send me one? :)

        2. Sorry under my invitations setting it says I have no invitations. not sure if that’s because I came from an invitation or what. wanted to pass it on but sorry

    1. james.sorensen AT thanks!

    2. i’d love to try! [email protected], thanks.

    3. Oops sorry for double post – wrong place to reply.
      [email protected]

    4. [email protected] if you have any more.


      1. You received the last one, congrats! ;)

        1. Thanks, man, much appreciated. Now to check this out when I get home.

    5. I would like one. Thanks so much. [email protected]

  2. i’d love to try! [email protected], thanks.

    1. Done

      1. Can i get an invite? much appreciated

        [email protected]

  3. thanks johan bandityo at gmail dot com

  4. According the graphic to listen on the mobile you need the Premium plan…not he Unlimited.

    Anyone confirm this? I would consider the $5/mth but not so sure about the $10/mth.

    1. Yes, that’s correct. You need a premium subscription for the mobile service.
      You guys in the US are lucky though.. Here in Sweden premium costs $15/month..

  5. I would love to try it, if I like it I’ll subscribe. jasafar AT Thanks!

  6. i’m already a grooveshark mobile subscriber. is this better??

    1. I personally think so because there are no legal controversies (labels are suing them) and you can have songs you already own in playlists (local files) with songs that are online.

  7. love grooveshark btw.

  8. you’re the best, thanks.

  9. Thanks!

  10. If anyone has an extra invite I’d be willing to take it off of your hands. Thanks in advance. mjeickhoff@gmail dot com

    1. Done

      1. Awesome! Thanks again.

      2. Hmmm, no invitation code within the email. :/

  11. If anyone can spare an invite that would be awesome. Thanks

    [email protected]

  12. Share an invite please

  13. i want to try: ckmundy at gmail

  14. will swap google+ invite for a spotify invite

  15. asimoalex@gmail

    and is this better than Rhapsody ?

    1. Done

  16. Share an invite please!….willing to swap a google+ invite if needed

    1. i got a spotify invite if you got a google+ invite

    1. Done

  17. fah! too late.

  18. why are my comments being deleted?

  19. lol I have 15 invites left or so :P

  20. Can you send me an invite pretty pretty please? Thanks!
    [email protected]

  21. ” If you’re a heavy listener, you might want to consider ponying up for at least premium service. For us Android folks, anyone who wants to use it on their mobile must pay for the Unlimited plan.”

    Isn’t it the other way around? Premium is needed for Android folks. and Unlimited is needed to listen for longer then 10hours

    1. Spotify Free gives you unlimited streaming…no 10 hrs/month cap. And yes, only the Premium will give you mobile streaming.

  22. “You should note that free accounts can only listen to 10 hours of music per month.”

    This is not true.

    Via Gizmodo: “Spotify has confirmed to us that free accounts have unlimited streaming, unlike European accounts which were recently capped at 10 hours per month.”

  23. Invite pretty please with sugar on top

  24. Oops double post

  25. invite plz
    [email protected]

  26. wow, this fags should make it available to whole europe (&Linux) first -_-

  27. Please invite [email protected]

  28. man i should spam all you idiots putting your emails. and putting myemail (at) does not help.

    1. It helps with bots, just not humans with evil intentions like yourself.

  29. anybody willing to give google+ invite for spotify invite let me know if you wanna trade. [email protected]

    1. I’ll trade ya if you still want it.

  30. i probablylate but i would love a spotify invite….will glady trade for Google plus
    [email protected]

  31. I have a Google Plus invite, that I will trade for a US Spotify invite.
    [email protected]

  32. stop spamming this useless shit.
    its obviously a scam.

  33. Oh great.. an invite thread.

    I see Spotify Premium US is almost half the price of the UK version. Awesome.

  34. Is this service any better then both pandora and slacker? I have an account at both pandora,com and

  35. May I please have one?

    [email protected]

  36. I would like to try – ripside at gmail. I can trade a Google Voice (hard to come by) invite, or Google+.

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