Facebook App Updated To 1.6.1 – Adds Multiple New Improvements


The last time we saw an update from Facebook they added a new page browsing feature and video upload support. This time Facebook has been updated in the Android Market to version 1.6.1 and now includes a small handful of new improvements.

  • Improved Pages Support
  • View the full list of pages you like as well as pages you admin
  • Post a page you admin
  • Tag Pages in status update using “@”
  • Various Bug fixes
  • Instant Google+ Invite

Okay, maybe I made up that last part. Or maybe… I didn’t?

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Lol I Looked At That Last One And Was Like Wait What?

    1. To be fair, this is nothing like Gmail! You instantly get as many invites as you want. They’re flowing out like candy!

    2. LoLLLL same here!! X-D

  2. still no multi photo upload on cm7….

  3. Still requires permission to send, read and alter sms messages so I’ll skip this update as well.

  4. people still use facebook? lol.

  5. It doesn’t show the pages I admin in a selectable list as well it only shows the pages that have posted recently. What a joke.

  6. Where is the “instant Google+ invite”?!! you liar!!

    someone please ban that douchebag iphone spammer

  7. Seems like they changed the default stream type to be the top rated instead of most recent and no way to change the default. Rather annoying..

    1. you can change it by clicking on it in the top right corner and a scroll pops up at the bottom and you select the view you like, then click again in the top right corner

  8. “Instant Google+ Invite” .. wtf?

  9. Look at the market comments folks! Apparently this update is extremely buggy and unstable! I’d save yourself a headache and hold off!

  10. @Ryan James – If you go to your “Friends” list from the home page, there’s a “pages” option at the bottom. Not exactly intuitive, but it’s there.

  11. Still no improvement over the 30 minute delay on notifications.

  12. All these updates and however many revisions later and I still can’t set the News Feed into using the Most Recent view as default? Really?

    Sure, I can just set it back to Most Recent, from the default of Top News, but as soon as the app closes or you have to restart it…It defaults back to Top News.

    But hey, at least they integrated the Like/Comment +cloud so I’ll go ahead and focus on being happy about that.

    1. I was hoping this new update would fix this dumb new news Feed but I guess not. I don’t care who my friends are now friends with!!!

  13. My facebook app is still showing posts out of order, continually refreshes, and is generally spazzing out. At least two co workers are having the same issue on various Android phones (I have a DINC, one has a DINC2 and one has a Droid X2). Saw this update had automatically downloaded and it fixed the problem for about 10 minutes. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Yep on my sensation 4g its annoying, the out of order part is the top news selection in the top right. but the flipping out is ???

  14. i have just been using the browser lately, i said screw the facebook app i deleted my cache,data,reinstalled and eveything, still wouldnt load posts, just port over the damn iphone version already lol

  15. What a crappy platform Android must be to develop for. Using Facebook on my iPhone is way better and way less buggy than my Nexus S.

    1. I think with a lot of apps, developers have to try to tweak them to work with all the skins(and processors). I always read the comments before i update. some of my apps i haven’t updated in forever…

  16. I’m predicting a lot of deleted facebook accounts in the coming days

  17. Has it stopped screwing with chat settings? I don’t ever want to be online chat. I liked the app until I realized that it was not only signing me into chat while I was on it, but also changing my preferences so that if I visited the site in my browser I’d be signed in to chat.

  18. Ahaha – brilliant!

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