Motorola Partners with Spotify, Your Chance to Snag One of 10,000 Invites


Spotify just launched their popular streaming music service in the US today, but for the time being it is reserved to those with an invite or with the money to cough up for a premium subscription. Various backdoor tricks have been uncovered to gain access to Spotify’s music streams without either of the two previously mentioned tactics, but if you are still waiting for your chance to get in Motorola may have you covered. The Android handset maker has teamed with Spotify as their exclusive mobile device launch partner, a deal that should see Spotify pre-installed on many of Moto’s upcoming smartphones. But what good is the app if you have no way to access it? Moto has you covered there, too, offering up 10,000 invites to all comers to sign up over at their website.

We don’t know if the invites will be random draw or first-come-first-serve, but we suspect they will go pretty quickly. So hurry on over and fill out the form at the source link below, agree to their terms, and cross your fingers.

[via Motorola]

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  1. If you are previously signed up, you can login into your old account and change your location to US and then you’ll be on the ol’ good US cloud. #tip

  2. This is what I got when I signed up


    Thank you for registering to receive an exclusive Spotify invitation, courtesy of Motorola. We will send it directly to your inbox as soon as it becomes available.

    It looks like first come

  3. So with this invite we wont need to pay for a subscription?

  4. woohoo!!!!!!

    Motorola is doing it right!

  5. anyone with an invite [email protected] will give free hugs

  6. Protest anything connected to Motorola! Refuse to sign up until they free the bootloader! Principles are at stake!

    1. Talk to Atrix owners and tell us what you think after that….

  7. Not sure my Swedish invites are any good in the us but give me an e-mail adress and I’ll give it a shot.

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