Android Activations at 550,000 per Day as Google Hauls in $2.51 Billion in Net Income


Google’s Larry Page met with investors today to discuss Google’s Q2 earnings, reporting a whopping $9.02 in revenue and $2.51 billion in net income, up from $1.84 billion for the same period last year. While those figures are quite astounding alone, Page also dropped a the latest Android activations number. The platform now sees 550,000 handsets activated per day. That’s up from the 500,000 activations per day Andy Rubin alerted us to just a little over two weeks ago. The figure was only 350,000 during Q1, and rewinding the tape a whole year only 160,000 Android activations occurred every day. As for apps, the Android Market with its 250,000 applications has now seen its 6 billionth download. Pretty astonishing growth, indeed.


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  1. >a whopping $9.02 in revenue?

    1. Just enough for a couple Whoppers?

    2. They don’t sell hardware
      They offer many of their services for free
      Their stock is sold

      1. Is this a case of sarcasm not coming across? They just had their best quarter ever.

        (edit: reads article. Upps.)

      2. Their propriety software on Android like Google Map, Google Navigation and Google Market that comes on (most) Android phones are licensed to the OEM. That’s one way they are making their money. Also, they get a 30% cut of apps sales and look at the most apps on the market are free, so revenue ads for them as well. In essence, they are making revenue right left and centre with Android.

    3. That’s billions of course…. maybe Kevin should correct the article.

  2. Android army keeps marching on!

  3. that is an amazing feat

  4. Thank goodness! I wasn’t sure I could keep up buying 2 handsets a day to keep the activiations shored up.
    I guess I should start buying tablets everyday now to bring those numbers up… ;)

  5. Wow. The iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million in its first 3 days of availability. That’s about 550,000 per day. That number was considered remarkable at the time. And Android now matches that each and every day.

    It’s not hard to see where things are going.

    1. Also, that was a spike because the iPhone was just released. Google’s numbers here are the mundane, day-to-day activations. Granted, we’re comparing multiple makes of phone vs. just one, but still, no one can argue the growing presence/influence of Android.

    2. Gotta love Android!!

    3. Are you really that stupid to make that comparison? Chances are… yes.

  6. Now if Android doesnt become bloated, horrible and keeps trying to get better at the same time…Android could be around for many years to come.

    Good job Google. Good job…

  7. That profit margin is friggin amazing.

  8. In your other eye Apple

  9. When they last reported these daily numbers (500k per day) they stated that daily rate was growing at about 4.4% per week. Well that was 16 days ago and it’s grown by 4.88%. If they keep this rate above 2%, the rest of this year, they’ll hit 1m activations a day by Christmas. I can’t imagine them averaging 1m a day for long. Its just ridiculous. There’s this many smart phone buyers to go around?

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