XOOM: Android 3.2 Update Rolling Out to WiFi XOOMs, Could Bring SD Card Slot Support; LTE Upgrade Module (Verizon) Passes FCC


Lots of good news for you XOOM owners this afternoon. First up, the Android 3.2 update that we’ve been hearing so much about is now rolling out to Motorola XOOM users. It’s a minor update that adds support for 7 inch devices, but specific to XOOM WiFi owners might that added SD card slot support that has been missing since launch. Why Motorola launched this thing without support, we can’t say.

How they went so long without enabling it, we can’t say. But it might finally be here now so you won’t want to skip over this upgrade. Reports are saying this is only for the WiFi version right now, but we can’t imagine Verizon’s version isn’t far off.

And if all that isn’t enough, it appears that an LTE module submitted by Motorola to the FCC has been approved, meaning we shouldn’t be far off from seeing those LTE upgrades that were promised to XOOM owners before they purchased their devices. Like I said, good news. [Wireless Goodness, DROID-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. xoom verizon 3g here and just got the update

    1. So what’s new? Can you zoom improperly sized apps on the XOOM?

      1. I’m not noticing much, no idea how to access the sd card. Can’t link my X10 to my Xoom (through USB host). Not much of an update if you ask me. The zoom/fit feature is ok but nothing crazy. Music didn’t seem to change, nor did email. Movie Studio seems to have stopped working (can’t add a video). I’d love to see some release notes…. give some perspective.

  2. Oh great and here in Canada we are still stuck with 3.0 :(

  3. Can you guys please report on how Motorola have failed to update most of their non-US users to anything beyond 3.0? The entirety of Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and probably several other regions are waiting, and Motorola refuse to provide any dates when questioned!

    1. That sucks, I didn’t realise that was the case as I’m based in the UK but bought my Xoom in the US so I guess they think I’m still there :)

      Grr motorola for being bad!!

    2. Because the US Xoom is a GED, Google Experience Device. In other words, Honeycomb is released as is to the US Xoom. You need to be screaming at Motorola. That’s on them.

  4. Tell me when my Transformer will get it. Man I hate fragmentation.

    1. What issues are you currently experiencing with the Transformer that this update will resolve? Will it let you run any apps that previously weren’t available to you? Or do you just need to feel like you’re running the very latest version?

      I thought Asus were pretty quick with the 3.1 update. I don’t see what the issue is.

  5. Little confused, are the 3G versions getting this update?

  6. I ain’t got nothing mang. No update yet.

  7. only the US wifi versions are getting this.

  8. now that i got rid of it it might get sd support… worst 600 i ever spent

  9. My update was today, Wed 7/13, about 11:30am on the East Coast, Xoom WiFi. I sent a couple of emails out, don’t think anyone believed me.

    SD card works! Called external1 in the mnt/ directory. Sweet and a big finally or an about time. Wonder what the implementation will be. Need to play.

    Screen resize a big yep. Worried it showed an app crash on one but a force close was ignored and the app resized.

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