Motorola DROID Bionic Sign-up Page Appears


We’re getting mighty close to August, folks, and it looks like the new DROID Bionic is just about ready to break cover. Mention of it has finally made its debut on Verizon’s website and it’s even giving folks a chance to sign up to be notified of its imminent arrival. We’re sure hundreds of you are already on your way to do just that. Nothing else to see here except some nice, DROID-y visuals and a ray of light at the end of this long tunnel. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’ll really suck if it’s released on the last day of summer just so they can say they stuck with their word.

    1. You mean like the Froyo update to the X? That was ridiculous.

      1. speaking of droid x updates, the gingerbread update was terrible. I would rather have a majorly delayed good release then an ontime update release that breaks my phone >:(

        1. I have a Droid X and the update went perfect for me. I can’t say I have any complaints other than it unrooted me.

    2. August 4th

  2. GIMME NOW!!! I need an upgrade so bad.

    1. Me to. i have my original droid which i got on the first day of release. So im ready for a new phone. Im going to sell this one for over $100 on ebay though.

  3. wooo hooo
    Finally I have been waiting forever

  4. I’m shopping for a new long term phone.

    If the BIONIC has an open boot loader it will probably be my new phone, I can’t stand crapware, MOTOBloat/Blur, and love AOSP goodness. I’m not holding my breath though. I’m beginning to lose the faith for a Samsung Galaxy S2 to be arriving any time soon as well.

    1. Bootloader will likely be locked until November according to my source. But will be unlocked with OTA update.

      1. Lets hope your source is right.

    2. That chart is awesomely detailed.

    3. the thunderbolt doesnt have gb so you may wanna change that on your chart. Also the inc 2 has 2.3.3 now

  5. August 4th is the release date in stores. expect to see telesales and websales one week earlier just like the Droid 3. My friend is a sales rep between Moto and Verizon

    1. uum this has been known for awhile on androidcentralforums lol.

      1. ummm i know. my friend just confirmed it for me. ummmmm

        1. well it was confirmed about 2 weeks ago.

          1. Chris you aren’t gaining anything by being a jerk. I think it is good to have additional confirmation on the “rumored” release date. What was released a couple weeks ago isn’t even official yet…

          2. neither is what he is saying?

  6. something about this phone is going to piss me off. Regardless im getting it day one

    1. no phone is perfect. But it beats the hell out of my Droid 1 which im still using

      1. I am also using the droid one. Unfortunately

        1. I actually like my droid. Its 2 years old tho and its time for something new.

          1. I’m with you guys. I’ve had my Droid since Day 1 and it’s been one helluva device. But it’s now showing it’s age and it’s time for something new, and very soon. Looks like the Bionic for me as well.

          2. Ditto. I’m very disappointed that the Droid 3 is making its debut as an already-obsolete device. I guess they’re taking a page from Apple’s book. No LTE? 512MB RAM? I really wish that someone would make a cutting-edge phone with a hardware keyboard, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

        2. I just got an EVO 3d, but I appreciate the fact that my original Droid is still relevant. It was a game-changing machine.

  7. I’ll wait for the Motorola quad core w/ ICS

    1. why? there is absolutely no apps or OS optimized for quad core for a couple years. They are barely starting to optimize for dual core. Having one of the first quad core phones will be a waste because half the programming wont use those resources.

      Not to mention it will kill your battery

  8. If it ends up getting solid reviews and a open bootloader I’ll get it. It’s either this or the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’ve patiently been waiting for the S2. If the performance is the same as the S2 then I’ll stick with the Bionic since it has 4G for sure. Unless the S2 has a 4G radio then I’m going to pick that up instead.

  9. After nearly 2 years, you’d think Phandroid writers would catch on already. “Droid Bionic by Motorola” not “Motorola Droid Bionic”. It says so right on the picture! Twice!

    Verizon licenses (from Lucasfilms) the rights to the Droid name. Motorola doesn’t share in those rights.

    1. fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  10. How does this compare to the Samsung Galaxy S2? Yeah, we can wait for the Bionic. But, if it does not perform as well as the SGS2, then what is the point of launching it?

    It really sucks Verizon had no vision to have a phone out when the OD owners from Day 1 had contracts ending.

  11. I love my Droid 1 but the bad taste left in my mouth by motorola from the Xoom promises will have me pass on this device or anything else that’s sold by motorola. I’ll continue to hold out for the Samsung Galaxy S II or heven forbid the iphone 5.

    1. I was also a hold out for the SGSII until it started to seem like more of a mirage then the Bionic. Now we actually have release dates on the Bionic. Think I’m gonna have to jump on this and hope for a quick bootloader fix and root.

  12. My question is when is Motorola going to update their own Bionic page?!! Surely they know the specs of the phone by now.

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