Apps of the Day: Zaarly and MapMyFitness


In a very rare instance, today’s apps of the day can actually compliment each other. We start off with one that’s a local marketplace enabler while the other tracks your travel-based workouts. So, if you buy something close enough to run, walk or bike to, the second application will let you keep track of how far and long you’ve traveled. So yea, pretty awesome combination and both are worth checking out. Have at it!

Zaarly – Need to sell something locally? While Craigslist may have become a bit of a cesspool in recent months, it’s still the most widely-used local marketplace application there is. It isn’t the coolest, though  – Zaarly just might take that crown. With their Android application, you can post you want, how much you want to pay for it and when you need it. Others can then respond and offer their services or goods. It’s kind of like an ongoing auction of sorts, accept the auctioneer is the one doing the buying. Pretty neat. Find out more here. [Market]

MapMyFitness – This is a web service with a series of applications. It’s called MapMyFitness and it uses GPS on your phone to track your runs, walks, bike rides and more. Instead of putting all of the workouts into one application, they have a separate app for each travel-based workout. The apps themselves are free, and so is the service, but you can purchase premium access to unlock more features. MapMyFitness’ big thing is making workouts social so be sure to sign up if you want to get in on that fun. Find out more here. [Market]

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  1. hive player music on honeycomb

  2. Last time I checked, the MapMy______ app(s) were severely lacking compared to SportyPal, CardioTrainer and others. If they would simply put the time in to catch the app up to their website they’d almost certainly be the leader.

    I’ve sent multiple emails begging them to include the feature to use the “map out a run ahead of time” feature that you can do with their website. It allows you to figure out where you want to run ahead of time which comes in especially handy if you want to start and end in a certain place but still make sure you’ve run your target distance. They don’t respond leading me to believe that their customer service is most likely abysmal.

  3. This is a great combination and I’m sure it will really help people handle their fitness needs.

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