GSM Version of the Motorola Droid 3 In The Works?


Looks like it might be if you can believe what just passed through the FCC. According to Wireless Goodness a device identified as the IHDT56MF2 just won FCC approval and according to them, it could very well be the a GSM (AT&T) version of the Motorola Droid 3.

But how do we know it’s a Droid 3? Well, when looking at test reports for the device, the device packing the same qHD display, 16GB of internal storage and many of the same specs found in the Droid 3. Also worth mentioning, the IHDT56MF2 is using the same SNN5885A battery not found in any other Motorola product except the — you guessed it, the Droid 3.

As far as carrier destination goes, the device is supporting the same GSM and WCDMA bands as AT&T’s network making it foggy if what we’re seeing is a overseas Droid 3 or something that will hit stateside on AT&T.

The Verizon version of the Droid 3 wont see an official release until the 14th and it wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine this could very well be the Motorola Milestone 3. Lately, we’ve started seeing Motorola release different versions of their phones on multiple carriers so if this qwerty packing dual core ever hits Sprint, you better believe I’ll be all over it.

[Via FCC]

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  1. Wasn’t the Milestone 3 (aka “GSM Version of Droid 3”) announced publicly on June 17? Seems likely that’s what this is.

  2. I’d lay odds it’s a Milestone 3 for Rogers Wireless in Canada. Droid branded Verizon phones are almost always exclusives, so it’s unlikely that AT&T would be seeing this particular model in the US.

    1. It’s not for Rogers. Rogers is getting shit all.

      This is Milestone 3 for Bell.

  3. Aww, I hope they put out one for T-Mobile! it’d be a good replacement for my awesome but starting to age N1.

  4. Can someone explain to me why some phones that are going to be released in Canada and other parts of the world but not the U.S. sometimes pass through the FCC?

    1. They usually pass through the FCC for all bands that they could possibly roam on in the USA. Otherwise such devices would risk being illegal to operate in the USA.

      This is the Milestone 3 for Bell Canada. It’s already been announced. AT&T will not be getting it.

  5. if this came to Tmo the vibrant would be GONE.

  6. This will probably have HSPA+, only problem there is on AT&T if you can find HSPA+ then well you are one lucky mo fo. Live in suburb of Boston wher on their coverage map Im in their premier location for ultimate speed. What a freaken joke, in this area you are lucky to get 300kb that’s right killabits on their Network. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is pushing out ober 10 MB DL and 1.9 MB UL during the midle of the day. That is great speeds from a Network on their way out. Why, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. I live in an HSPA+ enabaled area in PA and I’m getting about 3megs down. Not fantastic by any means but significantly better then what you’re getting.

      If this is an HSPA+ droid 3 I’ll kiss whoever green lighted it. I love my Atrix but I am dying for QWERTY.

      1. same i really just want a smartphone with a physical keyboard

  7. This isn’t a GSM Droid 3, its a US-bound Milestone 3, which is already GSM. They’re still the same phone, but the Droid name is exclusive to Verizon so its more accurate to refer to it as a Milestone 3 unless AT&T makes them change the name. Also, it doesn’t have a Tegra 2 the last time I checked so someone should change that image. Its misleading.

  8. For the sake of accuracy: It’s not the “Motorola Droid 3”, but the “Droid 3 by Motorola”. This is because Verizon has the licensing rights to the Droid name, not Motorola. The Motorola branded product is the “Motorola Milestone 3”.

  9. Anyone know what game they’re showing in the picture?

    1. Samurai Showdown.

  10. Someone please explain the love Motorola gets shown in the US…we just piss our sides at them in the UK! Atrix? Droid? Pah.

  11. at&t please, if so, someone in my country is going to start importing them and i’ll be able to upgrade from my current main phone droid2 global

  12. Are you sure this isn’t the current DROID 3 on VZW? It’s a global phone, meaning it has the GSM radio built in.

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